New leads in Naya Rivera's disappearance

New video shows the actress moments before she disappeared at a lake in California. ABC News’ Shirleen Allicott reports.
1:59 | 07/10/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New leads in Naya Rivera's disappearance
This morning the search entering a third day for actress now higher Rivera. This presumed dead after swimming in a lake in California mr. Baer and her son. Came here to enjoyed and enjoyed Italy debated a boat. Mr. period into the lake before she's familiar with the in newly released surveillance video the 33 year old actress is Mercedes or rise apple late. Rivera and her four year old son are seen walking to the dock and heading out on a rented boats don't want a competent air. Hours later another voter calls 911. After spotting Rivera's boat adrift with only her son on board. The caller mistakenly saying little girl. Who wanted to RRR. And her mom ordered up. Authorities bully Rivera went for a swim during the outing and never resurfaced. The lake about an hour drive north of LA is known to locals as being dangerous. With swift currents and depths of up to fifty feet in some areas are things that complicates the search. It is we have to go with where the boat was found initially. And then work our way outward from there. And we are talking about underwater and visibility that's really limited. It's a slow going search process. Rivera is best known for playing Santana Lopez and they hit TV show Lee. On social media her costar shared their shock. Heather Morris riding on minster Graham. We need all the prayers leaking get to bring our 9 AM back home to us we need your love and lines and fans now sharing a clip of Rivera. Performing the song. If I die young on glee. Then me well I am with no legs and a slew. Rivera sun fortunately was not hurt. Here's on sleeping in his life vests and adult sized liked best was also found on board so tragic there.

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{"duration":"1:59","description":"New video shows the actress moments before she disappeared at a lake in California. ABC News’ Shirleen Allicott reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71709171","title":"New leads in Naya Rivera's disappearance","url":"/WNN/video/leads-naya-riveras-disappearance-71709171"}