Legal Battle Over YouTube Music

Pharrell Williams' monster hit "Happy" is among songs licensing company is demanding be pulled from YouTube.
3:18 | 12/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Legal Battle Over YouTube Music
It is time let Chris. Christmas mornings getting it we start with a story that's definitely not a holiday spirit. It's all about music being posted on YouTube. Yeah. Well maybe you liberals monster hit happy is one of 20000 songs being protected by Atlanta licensing and management company global music rights which. Is headed by the music industry heavyweight Irving high up I saw. And these days he's demanding those songs and people from YouTube because it lacks the rights. To the Sox. At the music of yeah. Eagleton also included in the battle no welcome at the hotel California on this one and smokey Robinson's musical catalog is also involved. Among other artists including including John Lennon. That licensing company by the way is threatening beauty with a billion dollar lawsuit that all those songs are not removed he tubes not budging. So big legal fight could be ahead at let's call it holiday heartbreak for 84 year old Clint Eastwood he is single again ladies. The actor director and his wife of eighteen years have finalized their divorce. The couple has been living apart for some time now and they have one daughter who just turned eighteen court documents did not reveal how America marital money. Would be divided up but they do at a marina. OK so we know Christmas songs are big sellers which explains why all sorts of artists have Christmas albums but. Doing Johnson asked. Come. He lived in the home is bringing it is lemon. Ringing. Your eyes got to see your hand there was the rock on live with Kelly and lightly yesterday singing here Gomes and do you know one thing you know left us. What do women Elvis Dutch. And they made an epic you know something yeah. Nine some pretty good longtime fans already knew the pro wrestler turned actor could saying he did it many times on WW whom he does that look good he sounded great would you Wear one I would Wear it once the head of probably being way too tight and we had me singing for all the wrong reasons. Earth at a couple of people better known Ben Johnson further singing our in the news through Hugh Jackman. Gave Taylor Swift the shirt off his back yesterday literally. After a matinee performance of Jack men's Broadway play the river. Swift was the winning bidder for the shirt he wore the show. She did 6000. Dollars Jackman through it another 6000 and soda that other person in the audience. Yet that woman got to meet swift and Jacqueline backstage. The money benefited from Broadway charity that fights spades time now for celebrity birthdays. That's right in addition to Jesus Christmas may be celebrating today singer and the leader of the parent that's faithful Jimmy Buffett. Turns 68 Oscar winning actress Sissy Spacek singer Annie Lennox. Walking in a winter wonderland and I and sixty and baseball hall of Famer Rickey Henderson turns 56. Happy birthday and make Christmas.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Pharrell Williams' monster hit \"Happy\" is among songs licensing company is demanding be pulled from YouTube.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27825034","title":"Legal Battle Over YouTube Music","url":"/WNN/video/legal-battle-youtube-music-27825034"}