More Legal Troubles for Justin Bieber

Bieber and his bodyguard are being sued for an alleged assault with a photographer.
2:39 | 08/21/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for More Legal Troubles for Justin Bieber
Welcome back -- -- on Thursday morning and we start with more legal trouble for Justin Bieber along with a bodyguard he's been soon. Another lawsuit the photographer photographer claiming that Bieber and his bodyguard beat -- destroy this camera. Last November in Hawaii this incident allegedly stemmed from the photographer taking a picture of -- Jumping off a cliff into the water the Pebble Beach -- photographers seeking damages for assault and battery as well as emotional distress and negligence no word yet -- about the whole thing from -- can't. Stay tuned. And that we will while there have been lots of rumors swirling around about a possible split between Jay-Z and beyoncé about. And possibly visited PR stunt but there's a new report out this morning from us weekly that suggests -- recently -- -- star is helping them with some divorce advice is very unlikely Gwyneth Paltrow who recently split with Coldplay is Chris Martin is apparently. Helping out fiance after the singer asked her for divorce advice Jay-Z and -- his marriage is rumored to be on the rocks despite their successful on the run tour. And -- would be the ideal person to get advice from on this topic you may remember that she and Martin. Amicably split in what they called -- conscious fun couple lean in this report says beyoncé and Jay might be -- do the same. All right well we hope that they're not breaking up an actor Johnny Depp is taking that idea of bringing his daughter to work to a whole new level. That's right fifteen year old Lily rose death has been cast to star in a lead role opposite her father and a new film called. -- closers -- an action adventure slash comic book style movie. Focusing on a pair of teen yoga fanatic. Turned superhero Cummings set to begin this week with a likely release date June 25 -- want to look for that we will. Next up a celebrity -- this story celebrity garage sale that millions of Madonna fans have been waiting decades for. And the material girl -- that -- the largest collection of memorabilia ever. Right down to. Applause and -- murdering your bras and panties yes on the auction block pieces from -- material girl. Music and American pie videos will also be offered in an auction. Also -- -- is now more than thirty items from -- 1996 film. I think we don't cry for me Madonna is also parting with -- awards she's won over the years. Included an MTV video music award and an American music award the auction is set for November 7. And eight in Beverly hill that -- need the cash run on undies my guess your kids are about -- -- from.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Bieber and his bodyguard are being sued for an alleged assault with a photographer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25064506","title":"More Legal Troubles for Justin Bieber","url":"/WNN/video/legal-troubles-justin-bieber-25064506"}