Leslie Jones Rejoins Twitter

The 'Ghostbusters' star returned to Twitter, after initially announcing she was deactivating her account due to an onslaught of racist cyber bullying.
3:50 | 07/22/16

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Transcript for Leslie Jones Rejoins Twitter
And it's getting time on Friday we're gonna get started with an update to a story that we've been talking about. Since yesterday morning tell you should we talk about breakups today we have. A reunion yeah staff ghostbusters star Leslie Jones you might remember she quick Twitter earlier this week in her words. With its peers and a very sad heart. After she was bullied by a stream of racist and violent week OK so many of her fans as well as colleagues in the business rallied in her support including ghostbusters. Director Paul being. Who created the hash tag. Love for Leslie. Well. I'll let love spinoff of Scandinavia now Starr has had a change of heart weeding out yesterday a blank ballots you can stay away but who don't live pregame that drove. And move its true Aaron and Renee and Alford rest of us she's back Joseph treated thanks for the love and support that I received. Made me feel real special and meantime supermodel Christie Keegan is calling on Twitter to stand up and do more to protect its users from true hate speech. Annexed it a spirit of getting up and out comes the word of the reality TV star. Now running for political office yes somebody Jack is well familiar with 28 year old bachelor star Ben Higgins. A native of Denver has filed nomination papers to run for the Colorado general assembly as a Republican. It is actually just joined the Republican Party in January and he thinks is an uphill battle running as a Republican in heavily democratic district but. Against the democratic incumbent who was sentenced to a year's probation for a do you will. Okay there is that so the news of the nomination papers comes just one month after Higgins revealed. He would be returning to reality TV would this seem to be wife Laurence starring in. Then in Loring happily ever after. The show will focus on a couple of new life together in Colorado as they plan their wedding and perhaps now his campaign. Bouquets and next to one of the biggest viral hits of the week so many of you have already seen First Lady Michelle Obama's televised car we'll karaoke with James recorded. And rapper Missy Elliott in the backseat but they do know. This line particularly well timed in the wake of mr. Obama's own words being. Appropriated as they did instead. These girls and. Has like most stolen car and wreck but that idea as to how and threw it at lung excited and it is great news mrs. Obama knew all the words that missing posted on face we've been she was so touched that the First Lady knew the words about sung that she still pinching herself. For real this and be really down. Happy written so I don't think anybody ever seen a First Lady. Wrapped in this yeah yes it's good that the first time. Very the end finally today is the big day for. Elaine have a look. OK we've been keeping it a secret that were owned by Disney and did. Here's premiering its newest princess today on the Disney Channel Elena is not just any Disney princess she won't be Disney's first Latina princess. And I like most other happily ever after francis' Atlanta will not have a love interest she will they every much beat her own hero. A 28 year old Amy Correia have ruined her first ever all of the boys after will be the voice of Elena and she said that speculated independents that drove her to the character. She said the latest message for young girls and boys notified yourself first bite you played in the world. The fort trying to find art it's about time by the way it premieres tonight at 7 PM Disney Channel. Too dangerous for you to go after boat beams.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"The 'Ghostbusters' star returned to Twitter, after initially announcing she was deactivating her account due to an onslaught of racist cyber bullying.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"40796969","title":"Leslie Jones Rejoins Twitter ","url":"/WNN/video/leslie-jones-rejoins-twitter-40796969"}