Life on the high seas

A married couple quit their jobs, bought a sailboat and live and work totally remotely. ABC News' Will Ganss talked to Roxy and Phil.
3:59 | 07/27/20

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Transcript for Life on the high seas
Phil Johnson and Roxy Sears work from home situation looks like bits. And sometimes like six. That's because they work and live full time on their 47 foot sailboat Sandra. The couple quit their normal nine to five's in Boulder, Colorado a little more than a year ago. To hit the high seas did not hands signaling. Her eyes on a. Do you not and does not intend to meet started as. I ended up being the reason we were it. Roxy until realizing they could run their successful greeting card company. Totally remotely spouses turned business partners turned shipmates. Fills selling Roxy the ropes literally lot of people. Only. Get lucky to have her out drugs heavily. Eight I your power yeah. Those couples are fighting about what are you guys are looking this. He sang for the corona virus that we are crazy. On r.'s Sarah like Lao leaders you are so. More than a year into life on the boat ain't seen a lot are all I am a grand Indians and. Absolutely gorgeous unbelievable mean the Maine coast up your New England it's amid easing and the views from right here in the Hudson forget about it. It's absolutely. And you wait I liberty. And that's it for these two it is. But it's not all smooth sailing. What are did. Your life. So not outline now. On an instant grammar wherever it looks like. Sunshine and rainbows snorkeling and how already. Behind the scenes. And job. If Sony and one day is always in. If not being. The low light is a opera for us. Compromise in space. And it's Hahn comfort. While anchored Philip Roxy try to stay up to date with current events but in late may they were ceiling from the Caribbean to New York. And didn't know about the protests and demonstrations that were growing across the country. Is an inch is seeing experience or riot and I understand that we really and so are out and bragged in world. Despite the occasional rough sees Philip Roxy wouldn't change a thing if there are people who want you. Really shake their life dues on a as drastic as what you guys what advice that you gave few people. Moments where it's late. You're away from gambling and brands the refrigerator broken and you're near me is to. That's moment and you know everything at this and omens were your. And sneezing. Start. I get to announce days I agree honest and through Eaton an hour. Roxy until also said that anyone who can make the switch to disease like they did they suggest making your side hustle up priority whether that's. And at T shoppers shop a fight store or consulting business. And then Dixon sailing lessons where ever you are they did it from Boulder, Colorado so chances are you can learn to sale wherever you are TO. The Al well I would take that advice but the way my motion sickness is set up. You I was out correct any building and I think he'll be five we got some adventures to. That discovered.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"A married couple quit their jobs, bought a sailboat and live and work totally remotely. ABC News' Will Ganss talked to Roxy and Phil.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"72006016","title":"Life on the high seas","url":"/WNN/video/life-high-seas-72006016"}