Lifestyles of the Rich... and Kendis

Follow Kendis as he tours a luxurious Gatsby-era $8 million estate on Long Island's North Shore.
4:55 | 11/22/17

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Transcript for Lifestyles of the Rich... and Kendis
And there aren't this edition of lifestyles of enriching candidate that's right because we had to your old stomping ground Long Island New York for the latest adventure in luxury. This is by far my favorite place by the way that we shot in the beautiful mansion it's huge it's right down the water yet just for the record in my house and neighborhood. Look nothing like this nothing less like this but for relatives dale you can live Europe ultimate roaring twenties fantasy school. This is the light. Story out of The Great Gatsby. A massive mansion. Flashy parties hardly waterfront on Long Island's North Shore bowl what's Leo's life in the movies. Turns out. Is my reality Phil sport. Welcome to my beautiful new home on the North Shore of Long Island. We take you back to the beginning my first day here we sure why I'm talking like that but I degree. Driving into my new home in Lloyd harbor for the first time brought flashbacks of the different movie. This looks like quite sunk in place they can pick. Thank you dance you. And. We'll go tomorrow on good morning ended. Really hadn't seen him alone does in the real the band has been my real to move this process we'll bring you know how this is you heat your beautiful castle. This place so is a little green. My new home was a rose. Bargain only eight million dollars. For 25000. Square feet on ten acres of pristine North Shore Long Island man featured thirty separate rooms and one massive. Heavy front door oh. Every single interest fees is unique special the previous owner as you can see it artfully restoring this mention too it's a regional war heats I loved this firm has ever been did. The painting of my biological father. Well yeah. The state called the fort hills house has been all mine just keep families over the years the site of a revolutionary war battle. Is it can influence kemba yeah from way back veteran Kirk who pounds in this country to the original house built in 1879. Incredible it. You it is beautiful the views are great love it today there's. Sit here ring might. The food will come. Orders. My future wife. I would like to teach kids to be a formal garden the formal got my dress for the formal directly address for the formal garden it's a short walk a short walk but just give a gym today. Do your kids this is. Along home it is a wow moment and it's very symmetric coat and there's Seoul may need beautiful enclaves. College and I am from New York seated as well as you know good going to have to get here. Well the most amazing thing that you can approach his sovereignty by water yeah we have hood reported doc or Glenn. Com. Help cut the helicopter of course experience congratulation Yankee and really really happy. Those very Manley Sonny made lying off the helicopter. Should've seen me in the voice Booth goad. Well but is that the department never everybody agrees they all that the grades. Rihanna is a big grant yeah great job but dressing the part. Sadly it was all a dream. Yeah this is of the reality is that. I sat back and then came to reality no tuxedo. Assistant coach. No no this unit apparently was just a forty. Home. And that's really how I roll. On electrical sort of bad old English baby all day. But that it's still on the market and now and it's a yeah. We we can week and really.

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{"id":51322730,"title":"Lifestyles of the Rich... and Kendis","duration":"4:55","description":"Follow Kendis as he tours a luxurious Gatsby-era $8 million estate on Long Island's North Shore.","url":"/WNN/video/lifestyles-rich-kendis-51322730","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}