'The Lion King' on Broadway welcomes new Simba

ABC News' Rachel Scott goes behind the scenes to meet the newest star.
4:16 | 08/16/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Lion King' on Broadway welcomes new Simba
Michael Stanley dean became best. I damn good at. That's our queen yeah queen you know written about it. What I was just telling Candace how much I loved Disney canisters saying how much he even faster Disney as well yes I have a great and I during the Coolidge. Because there's a new Simba in town and our friend ABC's Rachel Scott is here to tell us all about it presenting him. So it's now a little little Lion King it's a Disney theme ripped a line. And gold. Hasn't happened in a high incidents around the world so what it take to join the circle of life. We went behind the curtain smead broadway's newest Simba. Via a comic song has been heard around the world. For more than forty years Lanqing on Broadway has been roaring not. And now theater. Who watch this show years ago. It's taking center stage there's a new lion coming their pride rock and he just can't wait Cindy K if that's right the lines the musical is getting. A fresh face a new seven. You've got to go meet Bradley gets them. We Mann Bradley in his dress finger him. See how he was adjusting for right now because I'm and we experience of going through notes making sure right don't forget this Bradley don't forget that all do that. His new lists him by the young lion looking take back his homeland. Comes with high expectations. More than 95 million people had seen the hit musical. So no pressure for the new kid on the block great. The first Ross on Broadway in high school on a school trip and now to be playing Simba. It's really mind blown even in such a legacy world Bradley is looking to bring something new and that's not the pre show warm. One of my best certainly isn't strong. Simple plastic straw and you saying there isn't. Oh. Yeah. You're under way. Next the look at the half games out of course to leave it. The road into the cell the feat he. Puts this on some when he is crowned king of prime for a quick good spirited yeah yeah theft cannot but make it you know. Playing and out stand proud of roar. You king. Gotta be the case the high time. Musicals rector had the unique talent and exactly hear from animated film. The probably two feet using puppets and masks she bridges the gap between actors in the animals they kind. The company whom. Race and telling the story through puppetry but not you know. It's on a puppet show. It's a Broadway show with actors and dancers and you're seeing now but from the but any reinventing the cards who is harder than it looks wielding a little wine come. Ha ha ha and it's only natural that the event to doodle left but how hot imagined dialogue. How we're all on this is being on the Broadway stage. We remain right here is the front Iraq for some but take the room. As Bradley begins his journey of sin but he hopes others are inspired. Hope they leave the show that feeling power. And feeling bad and what they've been through that they can get through it. A full circle moment for brat who walked to remind himself have a little boy he was the one watching from the offbeat and all BC it's. And C and I Miron. And and there. I barely made it out about Warburg guys I have to admit singing out of a strive harder than it looks so I'm putting you to the past. Saying I'm reading this room combined I think Oakland went on a good accounting China. Since the move wouldn't in my own home. And sesame. Food we. Kuhn an early look. May he always staying out of this is bottoming out of mistrust I have to come from we will come from her diaphragm ring outbreak of gunning he's relaxing Sunday night moment.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott goes behind the scenes to meet the newest star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"57214675","title":"'The Lion King' on Broadway welcomes new Simba","url":"/WNN/video/lion-king-broadway-welcomes-simba-57214675"}