London Marathoners Run With Boston in Mind

Runners, spectators of this weekend's marathon speak of the bombing in Boston.
3:00 | 04/22/13

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Transcript for London Marathoners Run With Boston in Mind
It's. Marathon races are special breed they all -- -- commitment to months of training and running ridiculously long runs to share and that's the bombing at the marathon in Boston seems so personal for the runners in this weekend's marathon in London. ABC's -- your friend has there has more. There is now show respect to exit polls from the beginning -- must -- in the remembered Boston -- Boston. 35000. Runners wearing black ribbons standings. One of them was Jack. All the sudden now now we hear another siren. And more sirens the 67 year old army that was running with his daughter half a mile from the Boston finish line from the bombs explode. We'll be thinking about in London is the people that got hurt and Boston. And in Iran for the funeral back in Boston that's 25 year old Tatiana McFadden before the race she -- never walked. Won the -- in the wheelchair and -- -- the United States. They ran for Boston. Consolidators tell -- the exact same race Tyler went often bombs went off and you can -- -- police on this raid west of there are hundreds of thousands of spectators here. Talking about 300 billion. The city is -- about being nice saying we -- now decided that we don't stand. -- -- -- political -- and yeah we don't need both the navy and runners loved loved. Tough to Ghana won her second marathon in seven games just one incredible. As -- is definitely dedicated to to Boston and remembering those affected by him. And Jack finish what he started in Boston as a tribute. To his hometown. When I finished. And then said. Relief and I said no that's redemption Harrison. Four people that. Don't have legs and more. Forever scarred spirit of balloon boy it. It just calories to it was a it was. Never forget it one of the more touching moments of my life. Picture for an ABC news London.

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{"id":19014337,"title":"London Marathoners Run With Boston in Mind","duration":"3:00","description":"Runners, spectators of this weekend's marathon speak of the bombing in Boston.","url":"/WNN/video/london-marathoners-run-with-boston-in-mind-19014337","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}