A Longhorn Christmas

University of Texas Longhorn fans will be able to watch mascot Bevo chilling on Christmas morning.
2:55 | 12/19/14

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Transcript for A Longhorn Christmas
Or. I in the mix today at a you'll all you group wants to sing some people don't have more Bartlett's home the end zone TV in the this will be a TV is like apple touch. But how about this on Christmas Day something else would you like to just watch this animal courtroom. My Christmas music market might add that would it has been in Iowa and Texas knowing exactly that is that is people that is the longhorn Texas long on the university mascot they gonna put him on the Texas loaned her own television network they have their own network for the team of censors football than there can't be just see what he's doing all they live fast. Believe what I holding about good morning to watch and listen for instance. That entertaining the kids about ten minutes. Like them and that the next door who got. Remember aired its air Jordan all right still here nightly program and friend of Michael Jordan right. There's a time of the for the day when Michael Jordan action what converse. Congress. Chips ever has playing the University of North Carolina but way back when he and a pair of his game lord converse sneakers got. I'm 33000. Dollars. Where. They help people think improve their foot in the next couple. Bum. It's. Big boom. But I'm thankful politics and Lauren lo and all the weather and others going to think I'm still on news and god. Business is Kentucky L is happy song couples telephone that still live in the news ago. His name not LI LA. So bad element is now and happy I ain't dancing in prison time India Japan and the anger and I'm doubtful due to look. McConnell. Center is an insomniac when he thinks that his accent and compliance and news. And yeah Franzen needed me in content on your TV we'll do. There's nothing. Any other night that's okay because hit and Suzanne. Class a bloody scene since Monday it'll get us thanks and think that he's the this. The EU issues Hazen is draining and has done that anything. It is being here well OK and they ask me. Thinking yeah. And accrued as a business entity youthful beauty and go wow this is not. Thinking do love this. We'll who do. It's.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"University of Texas Longhorn fans will be able to watch mascot Bevo chilling on Christmas morning.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27712199","title":"A Longhorn Christmas","url":"/WNN/video/longhorn-christmas-27712199"}