Lorde releases first new music in 3 years

It's the 20-year-old Grammy winner's first music since 2013's 'Pure Heroine'
4:13 | 03/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lorde releases first new music in 3 years
My favorite music. Handout for the city's starting where it found new music trouble lord is the first in nearly three years yet the two time Grammy Award winner and stepped out of the spotlight after the massive success over. 2013 record your parents. That now twenty year old is back with the upbeat and catchy green light. It rhetoric which is amazing thing. Yeah someone else who has amazing presence. This isn't breakup haircut yes Katy Perry revealing. Being new do you documenting the process in her first ever snapshot video transforming. Her long hair into. I guess that's a pixie cut of just how. The pixie cut it comes on the heels of her very public breakup from Orlando balloon Perry says the inspiration for the new haircut is Michelle Williams. Well you. There's a secret from this side of dial or the side of the table yet if a woman changes are here drastically yes there's a huge change in her life. Well really the case yes usually when a chance on the because it's the one thing you can control what you eat what you mean and what your hair looks like our Arabic exactly. Please look at some measure of now I don't know what you get that knew we'd sound like that's right Brazil yes. You know this is this the that we got its picked up icing that I didn't say it is exactly. Isn't it tidy here it can get mad you know the act. So in sixteen years since our parent company Disney's the princess diaries first transformed and halfway into royalty. I choose to be forever more. And the Indiana kneeling next the modernist another. Princess. You know via. Who doesn't love the president did no plea and Julie Andrews. I NG selling but see that both she and Anne Hathaway have been discussing teaming up for a third installment. So the film's late director Garry Marshall claimed last year he was on board to make a third movie but. Before his sudden death in July and this will be carrying on the tradition Angie says it just might do it in honor of march. Next to Tom Hanks doing his parts and support a free press inside the White House. The two time Academy Award winner gifting the white house press corps with an espresso machine. And there was we're excited that our own chief White House correspondent John a. Car service. We are very fancy espresso machine that was given the white house press corp like Tom Hanks it's okay to that I actually no idea. How it actually works in. So that was from a tour that he gave a little while back up data they confines there I've for the press there. And this is actually the third espresso machine the Hanks has given the white house press corps how the first one as he saw one on use a second one was used incorrectly. Hopefully the third will be the charm carton. DC White House producer Jordan Phelps shared Hanks note typed written. Of course I'm an actual typewriter used saying keep up the good fight for truth justice and the American way especially the truth park. Yes very good advice good word and hopefully better profit they have some yeah hopefully get to figure out how to work a thank Canton. And speaking of the white house press corps we're getting a look at white house Press Secretary shot speicher. Spicer on like you've ever seen him before OK prior to his current post special work that it George W Bush Administration. As assistant US trade represented whereas CNN CNN the Easter Bunny that Spicer. Yes even the official. Easter Bunny editor may have big. That is awesome I. Well as our writer buzz feed on their it to its old photo by certain downing the head to toe costume for the annual White House Easter egg roll. Who knew all this time. The coolest story I heard all the bits of space and was rate there would be used to writing yet. There there is an east about it.

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{"id":45881566,"title":"Lorde releases first new music in 3 years","duration":"4:13","description":"It's the 20-year-old Grammy winner's first music since 2013's 'Pure Heroine'","url":"/WNN/video/lorde-releases-music-years-45881566","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}