Macklemore Leads Nominations for American Music Awards

Macklemore, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake lead all nominees for the Nov. 24 award show.
3:00 | 10/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Macklemore Leads Nominations for American Music Awards
Parliament just getting everyone or starting with the American music awards are -- coming up in November and we have the nominees are gonna show you some of the people have been. The top nominations out there we start away at Malcolm Moran Ryan Lewis -- -- of the first to that you see there they have six nominations for everything from artist of the year favorite artist in. A rap and -- popular band for pop and rock favorite album for rap and hip hop. Single of the year -- -- on -- on their list that you see it airtight Taylor Swift she has five nominations. The same deal artist of the year favorite -- artist for profit -- him of hip hop artist for country favorite -- they. -- just goes on. Justin Timberlake same deal five of them and essentially saying things except everything except -- -- says this email make -- mail for Justin south. They'll be interesting to see who wins some of them are pitted against each other lives. Some of them are kind of on their -- I have been feeling their topping the charts now with their -- -- -- -- Taylor said Ali -- by the way we also have a confirmed that Miley Cyrus and imagine dragons are confirmed to perform. That might be inviting. The only one -- lying to you or did you follow up to that Miley back I would be surprise if she's wearing anything at all. Number 24 at 8 PM until 11 PM right here at ABC -- -- I'm sure it will be. Enjoyable to take -- -- what she's gonna Wear it but try -- that loan. That's right very emotional night for glee fans -- -- tribute episode finally aired. And really -- emotionally at some tweets hot off the press here this one was from Adam. He said seeing everyone's true emotions the fact that they far into acting as tough to watch they really are crying before it. Story Flint said. That was one of the most powerful episodes of television ever. Even the creator of the show. Ryan Murphy told. We did it because we loved glory and it's all about how people loved him we did it with a feeling of love and so it's tough night but anyway they never actually addressed in the episode how the character died future episodes by the way we'll continue to honor his memory. And highlight themes that the actor loved the most contact. -- out and they really any can tell you could tell us there live there was nothing short. All right. Searching back let's talk about -- happy stuff Betty White is starring in -- whole areas passenger safety video to air for. Air New Zealand. -- -- -- Talking about is flight safety of passengers safety -- you need get on board a plane it's usually the boring episode I gave up your seat -- this is would you do it you know give -- an emergency while they aired New Zealand has taken into a completely different level to take a -- that. So yeah. -- -- -- Listen to -- Williams -- memorial honor your flight crew are now pointing out where your nearest exit. Smoking on -- -- is prohibited on -- times. Any other -- Create some -- if he's living with others. Larry have a business based in the fictional retirement home it's already attracted 25 million views on the -- he has some naughty -- is which -- the -- dollars 91 years old she still batted zero.

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{"id":20540070,"title":"Macklemore Leads Nominations for American Music Awards","duration":"3:00","description":"Macklemore, Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake lead all nominees for the Nov. 24 award show.","url":"/WNN/video/macklemore-leads-nominations-american-music-awards-20540070","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}