Madonna holds Impromptu Concert in Paris

After a sold-out Rebel Heart concert in the French capital, Madonna holds an intimate impromptu gathering where she sings an acoustic rendition of John Lennon's, "Imagine" with her fans.
3:34 | 12/11/15

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Transcript for Madonna holds Impromptu Concert in Paris
Welcome back time now to kick up a skinny I love Madonna. And I love Madonna which of the surprises me. And as you did a fantastic spread Kish at a concert over Paris and then she surprised her fans. By doing an impromptu concert the plastic reap oblique and look at their right there to the left to for UC. That's her son. Also joining in on the concert it was a sold out concert initially at the French capital it was the rebel heart tore. And then she tweeted out that she's not an after show performance and she did this it's a rendition of imagine by John Lennon with guitars Monte Pittman. Justice and ghost town and like a prayer. This is it just becomes we have about comparisons to attack his pants or witnesses also remind them of. Musical muscle in his. Gentleman who. Earnings and or Sunday that buyers' eyes is another video that we've been looking at today this is Michelle Obama. And spears are Iraq that she's put together two of the cast members from past and now and is encouraged people. To go to college. So she wraps. In this at the White House is this what movie as much as the last fifty about the got a quick listen to make it some time. And everybody could really make that dream she OK kid isn't an industry he connected the zoo. To suggest that a dialogue Wii sold with dancing club uptown fungus can write an immunization he did. Also this isn't quite the same stunned at how high up. The irony being listened to get people to get a college yeah it's a bit like a school project. You don't kudos to Michelle Obama because she's got kids in high school I hope I'm justice courts her when I have kids in high school she really makes an effort to reach out to younger folks and she she's not afraid to like it. Put your dignity on the line or like make fun of herself and I think that's awesome but I. Wait she dons the video yesterday if you if you missed yesterday to look at that YouTube actually yeah it's yet was since they Santa Ana good rapper now she's got a career after the White House. You ride. Integration integration is. She's well known as a big legal act but we sometimes hear from her in GM AC be able to new house in Georgia leading getting a little sneak peek at her house it's a rustic dream home in Georgia and a look at this chock full of a lot. Have different things this is one of the rooms at like at little curved window but she's got lots he has got twins eight year old twins Lucy and John. And we'll look at this bathroom house Weinke. This is for you escape to get away from at all. But they've got lots of look at this is the kitchen area that's impressive it's about as they could sort of the was announced. And that it business sounds weird is that Austin Travis Knight is expected to data into the basement that I have to get wanna visas is like every child street I wonder how much that costs. And look at them toilet. That is the world's coolest weather and as a not so yeah. And we've got to thank the Daily Mail for these incredible images I really want that twin that it might. Hell but that finally I decided booked acts yes taking paw and at all projects in Liverpool in the north of England's. This way so typical sense and you can fundamental to him it can go ahead you can phone in recent cool sense that gave it all calorie. I caught decided he says that testing if nothing few days for its is that by 2002 the people. We'll put that sort of been an added they cubicle wall both of us thought we could go through they don't throw your hands of the fund they lost the signal. And movie. You know we have this big thing and actually lives his movies at a theater here in new York and we were like stripping at he hospital escapes Indiana Jones making this. It's gone and.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"After a sold-out Rebel Heart concert in the French capital, Madonna holds an intimate impromptu gathering where she sings an acoustic rendition of John Lennon's, \"Imagine\" with her fans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35709790","title":"Madonna holds Impromptu Concert in Paris","url":"/WNN/video/madonna-holds-impromptu-concert-paris-35709790"}