Magical Tales with Penn Jillette

Barry Mitchell interviews magician Penn Jillette on his new book.
2:55 | 12/05/12

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Transcript for Magical Tales with Penn Jillette
You don't. Want to pass -- -- comedy and magic team Penn and teller but he's also. A father of two and appeared on Dancing With The Stars as well as on Celebrity Apprentice and up until May -- make it letting my making people laugh his latest book tackles a serious subject. Atheism. Are on Barry Mitchell cut up -- -- in Manhattan. Ladies and gentlemen for his first trick Penn Jillette will saw a man half that I. -- I should mention that we're here at the wonderful fantastic on magic shop in midtown Manhattan and they had this incredible. Harry Houdini museum. Why was Houdini important in your life. What did he was aboard in my life because he changed halfway through his career from being no mostly as a magician and escape artist -- -- street checking here. To being almost as a skeptic he became AM. He became someone -- -- spoke against. People who look talked to people from the dead had talked that also. Arguably you know the first problem watering the celebrity and as far as saying -- concern to look at the twentieth century for the most famous. Showbiz figure comes out Elvis or -- Is magic mostly psychology well outside of mostly efforts to -- -- but once -- through the deference -- the -- argue that there -- -- psychology involved. This is standing the standing liberty -- dole can won't be after all we're terrible give you just like this it's it's things here. That's an amazing thing about our universe want to -- those who. Whether it -- the silver quarter. It's going over the fiscal cliff any equipment up up up. -- -- -- in your book you talk about. You cry every day -- but -- lot I don't know I think others of -- are -- by Bob Dylan. It frightens me the awful truth of how sweet life can be. Had dozens I've had children who maturity on -- of their six and seven. -- no longer can tell whether I'm crying from sadness with a cry from joy. They should be exactly the same via -- with the speed -- -- life is speeding by us you know law. I sometimes worry it's maybe the obsession with atheism -- -- from the fact but I worry that. People spend so much time -- about the afterlife and worry about the supernatural. They missed the the glory. Every day -- to be exalted and every. Every moment looking at my children you know I just I feel that -- rush of moving nearly a billion miles an hour through life. This is it enjoy yeah you all we have is lovely family and of the world around us and you know that's enough and -- women yells -- in Las Vegas he didn't exactly. Penn Jillette thanks so much every day is an atheist holiday. Makes a lovely Christmas -- -- -- Spooks the.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Barry Mitchell interviews magician Penn Jillette on his new book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"17881186","title":"Magical Tales with Penn Jillette","url":"/WNN/video/magical-tales-penn-jillette-17881186"}