How to make 2020 your best year ever

If you're slacking on your resolutions, or if you could use some fresh inspiration, Jen Sincero is just what you need. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.
3:57 | 01/16/20

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Transcript for How to make 2020 your best year ever
Jensen chairlift and number one New York Times best selling author coach speaker and a self described motivational cattle try. So there's no one better to get a smooth looting and to make one each one of the best year ever. Ten that this is for me such a dream come true to be sitting here on it touts its U Jens books inspiring more than just meat. The best seller has sold over three million copies and is available in over thirty languages. Let's start with basics U a bass is someone who wiped. Who allowed himself. Didn't go for what they want us but and it really take time to figure out what that is we all want to unleash the inner beast. No just the right goal to set for yourself. I think it's something to complain about my. Once you know what the issue is they need to tackle time to make those resolutions. But make sure their crystal clear. Specific frankly the exact and other biggest mistake it is biting off more than consume so you gotta chop it down if you're gonna lose weight. Between going to lose. And how much are you going to lose the first month in the second month in and you break it down to the week that you have to break it down in the trunks and you'll just never again and you'll ever get started how does that successful person. Continue to work towards those goals once that asset backed down. I caught going to spear told him. Because Blake. Physically getting into shape you don't get to go to the gym yet to shape enemy like. Could it going right out to get flabby again so who gets the invites your spiritual CN questions as to take a close look at fuming outweigh. He surround yourself with people. Who've seen big visions who believe and stuff that's just bonkers awesome. And you are actually taken steps to go for it. Not only listen up and shows you what it's possible but we feel kind of like it being gong. For not doing here right because they're showing it's possible where you you know feel like a hero for doing her laundry when you're hanging out the sad sack it at. And let's say you'd like your squad to include a few more Benjamin's. But a Jens fan setting and a question about her money related resolutions. A lot of my news as a reason is the my life with money. So I was just wondering if you can think of any concrete action I can take with me in the first couple weeks have been here make an act that happened to me. OK so the first thing is improve my relationship with money C survey. But in a monetary value but really what is the number four. And then start watching how you talk about money what is your broken record here on conscious of that I also recommend writing a letter to money. That gets that deer money and the like a person and why back it's usually very. Believe me any teen who. If all else fails and practice gratitude. Little much happier life if she's Catholic basic way more fun way less stress. Way happier. Which will attract. Better people to you think people who are looking to improve their lives you'll meet the more high frequency people and also attract the high frequency opportunities he. Speaking of practicing gratitude I thinks its Jensen Chara for her tips and tricks Jen herself says whatever goals for the new year. Writing another book which I know her fans myself included are super excited to hear a little that's pretty cool handsome. Good tips for resolutions. That one about writing a letter I mean. I didn't. The money for a long time start out this business about wrote a letter that I what you. That is true that is very valid point but keep that it further. Young reporters out there happily do yeah any other tips that dominate here including mayor at that time with the big one well I mean that let you on the spot here yeah of course but the thing about at evaluating your squat right it to our people that are high energy super excited about life you're gonna be high energy and super excited about life. They're all right thanks again appreciated Ekene around here let. Just keep getting better Madden.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"If you're slacking on your resolutions, or if you could use some fresh inspiration, Jen Sincero is just what you need. ABC News’ Will Ganss reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68323958","title":"How to make 2020 your best year ever","url":"/WNN/video/make-2020-best-year-68323958"}