Make-Up Ingredients That Might Shock You

Some cosmetics companies are using snail slime and whale intestinal waste in their products.
2:46 | 03/04/13

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Transcript for Make-Up Ingredients That Might Shock You
OK so what do you. Snail slime mold seam and that crushed beat -- and -- haven't -- -- father and your that there in -- make up. Houses possible this -- feeling that some of the best ones I well I'm gonna get to that. I just let -- let you know why knees are in the Arab snail slime moisturizes your skin bull semen apparently wonders for your hair I don't wanna go there. -- vetoes the red color is in diet and runs. It doesn't really matter because it's harassed women -- -- wasted another line which one well woman from there you go away. -- -- He really believed dead algae hot pepper oil chicken bone marrow egg whites fish scale the wall -- placenta. And. -- -- Did you say that. I set forth getting nasty. Images and make up this isn't right away I am not going to make any kind of figure out why we need for a -- an army -- must be -- -- -- there's something wrong. Just I think something. I visited twisting what I -- -- -- -- -- this we'll talk about a meeting using a new mom. Yeah apparently it is true women's speed really increased in size when they are expecting and the change according to study. Can be permanent research and -- -- the claim. Often made by women that their shoes size increases -- like a -- size and flat -- become a problem and it is in fact true the new studies published in the American journal. Physical medicine and rehabilitation. Half the size up I think I smartly in the -- -- that's for sure how that got big feet and right okay. Carried out and now. You guys remember Melissa -- of Yahoo! fame who says nobody can work from home everybody's got -- she got frustrated because she started noticing that the Yahoo! parking lots raw -- turns out. She relied on data. To -- to figure out why -- -- to do this so clearly everybody's catalog and right. When year Yahoo! so she went back and she checked the data and the apple -- -- -- see how many people were logging entity policy -- said they were working from home actually work turns out. Many old somewhat not at. All as far as logging in. You have to go to work from home get on the computer system on -- just send an email now and then get the whole chain of events going on Jersey federal I was on the -- all day but everybody on the final day I candidates data -- So anyway and some redeeming qualities why -- it. Right romance let's talk about it yes a Manhattan fund -- hedge fund. Manager manager thank you very much. Apparently is taking his ex girlfriend to court because she says he got bilked out of 96000 dollars worth of luxuries during there. Love affair now car -- loans. It doesn't get it I don't know he's doing and I bring that he didn't back now. And our neighbors say look at the benefit from the -- and.

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{"id":18649831,"title":"Make-Up Ingredients That Might Shock You","duration":"2:46","description":"Some cosmetics companies are using snail slime and whale intestinal waste in their products.","url":"/WNN/video/make-up-ingredients-that-might-shock-you-18649831","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}