Man Does 30 Animal Sounds

Man shares his favorite animal sounds with fans
2:52 | 04/15/14

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Transcript for Man Does 30 Animal Sounds
Next time Southwest Airlines laid back their school elect to flight attendants have a little fun and be a little reference when they community -- normal boring and -- -- and nobody listens to so that guy again. You can get a good chuckle out of them now and then but there's one flight attendant we wish we knew her name which was not a flight recently to Salt Lake City and she's gone viral -- -- -- jokes she's just hilarious she talks on the outs in math everything it's pretty good stuff. Is there Mary Ellen yeah. Thousand dollars annually and every parent -- -- -- Get a lot of smoke step outside. That actually pound man issuing the issue got everybody think and it just Normandy and the guy on the -- -- docs say everything I did say that she's just John's quick that's. Occasionally judges video some time ago and now there's an updated versions of the Dutch photographer and artist whose name is bronze -- star. And it over the last twelve years he's taken a little snippet of his daughter's life every couple of months and now he's condensed it all together -- -- -- twelve years of her life and others an updated version that's what we're showing -- -- -- today because now she has turned thirteen and he's tacked on another year. And it goes through her looks her style and he has not missed a -- it. His -- and flag issue it's just every a couple of months. He sexy video -- -- and makes you feel like -- -- that doesn't do anything greater dialogue because he wanted to go back in time and do this for your little -- -- don't you but. She's Vietnam and now she's going -- That's magnificent night so could soon be eleven year old daughter's whole life flash before my eyes just like very don't you wish you could -- -- -- -- about it every other Baghdad him who would. Well let's talk about this next guy he doesn't. Animal sounds and he's a master -- -- thirty of them holds why aren't cool viral video let's check him out just an analyst -- share. How. -- -- Like. It's crazy right. I'm trying to teach my big guy had a good. I don't say oh I you know the -- thank you didn't read and will -- By the way how you couldn't. -- OK so what are really good video of this is this morning Asia we don't know where it -- it all out information all we know these are great video of this is for dogs have been taught to get this. Pray before they eat they are they're about to eat their master. Indicates what today -- don't. And a matter of seconds they -- -- head. -- --

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Man shares his favorite animal sounds with fans","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23328353","title":"Man Does 30 Animal Sounds","url":"/WNN/video/man-30-animal-sounds-23328353"}