Mass Exodus Of Refugees Risking Their Lives

ABC's Molly Hunter reports from Turkey where Syrians are risking their lives to escape a brutal civil war.
2:07 | 09/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mass Exodus Of Refugees Risking Their Lives
And now to the growing crisis in Europe its borders buckling as it faces the largest migration. Since World War II refugees fleeing Africa and the Middle East desperately trying to escape brutal civil war is back home. We take you now to Turkey where six Syrians are taking dangerous risks with their families in search of safety ABC's Molly hunter is there with their story. Three year old solemn is ready for his first boat ride his parents worry how to hold him. Make sure he doesn't slip into the dark water and a dangerous and went right degrees solemn as one of thousands risking everything. 350000. People have crossed into Europe illegally this year and so many little ones. Here fact he met today way to the beach for their father before their first right that they don't know how to swam. He scares the yes he says he has his doubts. We went back to the beach that night but smugglers don't want cameras around. Which is taking it to where we hear it fearing refugees are taking a degree and we tried the next night hiking out to a different beach 3 AM they camp hiding in bushes the coast is now clear. They carry out a small flimsy rubber bone. And within minutes they paddle off silently. Not a word no motor gets kind. Very Mon river road. Be the most important ten mile. Here another boat overcrowded. In the predawn hours 26 don't must've been sent us this video. He arrived safely at a different Greek island he has just yesterday but not everyone makes it at least 2300. People have lost their lives this year. And Wednesday eleven more. The children their corpses washing up on the beach the same beach we rat just a few days ago but running from death at home and they keep coming. Hoping something better lies ahead Molly hunter ABC news in southern Turkey.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"ABC's Molly Hunter reports from Turkey where Syrians are risking their lives to escape a brutal civil war.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33500558","title":"Mass Exodus Of Refugees Risking Their Lives","url":"/WNN/video/mass-exodus-refugees-risking-lives-33500558"}