Massive crowd gathers to mourn two victims of Jersey City shooting

Authorities in New Jersey say the suspects had a pipe bomb in their stolen U-Haul. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.
2:36 | 12/12/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Massive crowd gathers to mourn two victims of Jersey City shooting
We begin with several developments after that deadly gun battle the New Jersey now being called a hate crime issued out in Jersey City left for victims dead including a police detective. Surveillance video shows one gunman firing as he entered a Kosher market. Authorities have now revealed the suspects also had up height and their stolen you call. Investigation comes as president top announces an executive order aimed at cracking down on anti semitism and order not without controversy. A massive crowd gathered overnight. For the funeral of 24 year old Moore should do which one of the four victims killed in the gun battle in Jersey City, New Jersey. This video is reportedly part of the investigation according to law enforcement. It shows a band pulling up outside a Kosher market to people accept a stolen U haul. Issued into the store investigators say the shooters for 47 year old David Anderson in fifty year old Francine Graham. It all started when detective Joseph seals encountered the suspects at a cemetery while he was investigating a murder. Police say Anderson in Graham killed the detective a father of five then drove a mile to that Jewish market. Police say the suspects shot until the owner Mindy friends along with employee Douglas Miguel Rodriguez and Deutsch who with a customer in the market. And a few hundred bullets. Went into Avandia for twenty year 24 year old sky. How can we. As a community and speak for. He had that. The suspects have been linked to the black Israel lights and anti Semitic group also known for anti government an anti plea sentiments there is no question at this today hate crime leaves out to quash. The monstrous evil of anti semitism president trump called the shooters wicket murderers during a Honecker reception at the White House. Where he signed an executive order that target anti semitism. On college campuses by threatening to withhold federal funding but the order is expected to be challenged in court. Critics say it interprets Judy is on as a race or nationality. Not just a religion. A step against the Department of Education broader authority over anti Semitic incidents on campuses. Writing in the New York Times the president's son in law and see revise or juror commissioner. Defended the executive order saying it is not defined dues as a nationality. It merely says that to the extent that Jews are discriminated against for ethnic racial or national characteristics. There are entitled protection by the anti discrimination law. Critics are also raising concern about free speech but a top administration official says executive order clearly states that should be applied consistent with the First Amendment.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Authorities in New Jersey say the suspects had a pipe bomb in their stolen U-Haul. ABC News’ Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"67680887","title":"Massive crowd gathers to mourn two victims of Jersey City shooting","url":"/WNN/video/massive-crowd-gathers-mourn-victims-jersey-city-shooting-67680887"}