Massive Snow Storm Slams Dozens of States

ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports this storm is different than others, with ice as a big concern.
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Massive Snow Storm Slams Dozens of States
America's number one -- Good Wednesday morning I'd -- to Gonzales in for Diana Perez and I'm John -- we begin with another massive winter storm barreling. Across the country take a look at the radar dozens of states are feeling those effects that this storm is a bit different than previous systems this winter. Ice is the biggest concern. We get more now from ABC's tomorrow Bradley. Chest bone is another winter storm that second one this week is blasting more than two dozen states. It's dumping a mix of heavy snow and freezing rain and more than 160. Million Americans -- restricted and a little bit so. Selig has been a lot across the midwest and army of plows are out in full force snow removal crews are working around the clock it didn't take -- Snow from last apparently -- -- -- -- -- Lorraine Kansas City braced for up to twelve inches. The biggest storm in twenty years number of cities have declared a snow emergency. Cancel school the storm was so bad in the midwest that -- southwest jet gets stuck in the snow after landing in Kansas City. At least one engine was half buried in a snow bank. Passengers had to be bused to the terminal icy slick roads -- driving dangerous and deadly. We've had a situation where people thought that because they're in a four wheel drive vehicle. That they are invincible. In Texas one person was killed when a truck went careening into a sheriff's deputy and bystander. It's brutal winner is also having a huge economic impact in the midwest there's a salt shortage it's very difficult -- salary now whether it's -- so horrible so if you can get salt you're paying a lot more just yesterday the price doubled actually so if it costs 300 dollars to -- truck had not 600 dollars in the northeast local communities are running out of snow removal money were already 66000. Dollars. Over budget because of the storms this year. We do have surplus available within our budget. And -- and John New Yorkers are waking up to -- more snow and ice up to eight inches expected. And if that wasn't enough another monster winter storm is headed here. This weekend China Marcy. Spot Bradley -- -- New York City hang on their body thank you. Kindness more than 2000 flights have already been delayed or canceled today -- meteorologist Jim Dickey tells us who's facing the worst of the storm today. Good morning John and -- after dumping nearly a foot of snow many locations. Cross nation's midsection storm system now moving into the northeast here today bringing widespread heavy snowfall and expect precipitation -- -- ice and sleet. Jerry is Martin think it does include Boston New York City -- -- Philadelphia since soaking rain. By the coast and as far as -- secretary are we going for an area of more than a foot of snow just north of Boston. The north eastern PA with a wide area of six to twelve inches expected -- Marcy. Back to you.

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{"id":22371320,"title":"Massive Snow Storm Slams Dozens of States","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports this storm is different than others, with ice as a big concern.","url":"/WNN/video/massive-snow-storm-slams-dozens-states-22371320","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}