Matthew McConaughey Makes Directorial Debut

The Oscar winner steps behind the camera to direct a commercial for Wild Turkey bourbon.
3:45 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Matthew McConaughey Makes Directorial Debut
After this is starting with a couple of releases from two A list actors Matthew McCall may have just officially stepped behind the camera for the first time in his direct morial debut. But it wasn't removed me it was for suburban commercial. I'm. It'll find those sea ice the release comes on the heels of the trailer debut firm Conning his next bill action adventure drama gold. Annexed to another trailer release our first look at that Catholics new film. In live by and I Affleck try it on a brand new persona slipping deep into organized crime in the roaring twenty's. Now I am strong enough I don't know if you're crude. Postponement don't have to be cruel. We do want to live by night hits theaters January 13 2017. Next to a startling admission from one of Hollywood's most celebrated leading man. So so secret that Michael Douglas had some big shoes to fill as he started his acting career. Trying to get out of the shadow of his father Kirk Douglas been narrowed the winner of two Oscars three Golden Globes and one Annie has revealed to it. British television show that his father told an early in his career that he Walt quite a terrible act. Not a lot of sugar coating in the Douglas met. It's hard to believe now again if he won the best actor Oscar for Wall Street in 1988 played every cheating married man's nightmare in fatal attraction. But he said after it is first Joe's father told them like we were absolutely terrible I mean. It doesn't matter if he's terrible that Cheney we're apps that chin terrible that shin president of that yeah my love but not. And you know apparently Kirk Douglas pharmacies don't he never have to worry about it is ongoing into the acting game because he was so bad that. Current by the way is gonna turn 100 years old in December 0101. Ago. That's next this is your special subject isn't it nineties televisions that totally you don't know the show but. The full house home the most normal people know it. Well it's back in the headlines the iconic. I tallied in eight Victorian homes the scent of the exterior for the popular nineties show is located in the lower Pacific heights area of San Francisco is sold last month. For four million bucks so now the new owner is putting it on the rental market. For a cool thirteen 1915. Dollars a month. And look at what you get for that every square inch of the house is 3000 square feet has been restored to its original former glory. It's not really my bag now know Rooney but three stories three bedroom three and up. Three marble fireplaces built in good cases there. And apparently a gorgeous new landscape we have garden that we are not gonna take that all sounds great gap but of course the inside of the actual full house call looks nothing. Like Hollis and anything TV out just magic of TV Diane is that a yes yeah. Think they that they do on the inside that somewhere out. In on the that. I decided to go to house it looked like that here even for 141000 dollars a month you cannot actually go to the house we know yeah and a security deposit double that. Finally some glad tidings for a Hollywood power couple that equipment is expecting her second child she stepped out at the premiere for new film planetarium. At the Venice Film Festival sporting a tiny baby bump. Just barely visible through her white single shoulder down there. Portman and husband French dancer and choreographer. Bulger a moment Neil PA you say are already pay 65 year old son out of congratulation.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The Oscar winner steps behind the camera to direct a commercial for Wild Turkey bourbon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41969768","title":"Matthew McConaughey Makes Directorial Debut","url":"/WNN/video/matthew-mcconaughey-makes-directorial-debut-41969768"}