Meeting fashion's top dog

Bohdi, the four-legged fashionista and a top male model are sporting new looks from Brooks Brothers, but who wears it best? ABC News' Will Ganss has the story.
3:05 | 05/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meeting fashion's top dog
New York. To Los Angeles. Formal and casual nearly half a million in program followers. When it comes to menswear. And best friend who wears it best. Voting support legged fast relief taking the Internet by storm since to Graham account at men's Wear dog puts the paw in the harsh. Working with major labels like Greeks Levi. And today the Brooks Brothers. Bode going one on one with Doug he chose one of the industry's other top male models. How does it feel to be the second most handsome model in the room. If Elian must I'm I'm certainly use a lot more attention on May. When I come to be exposed to look at buddy's owner and manager yen telling me that make any guy in front of the camera and a little of that attention goes a long way. We make sure that he remained tops Levi telling him how awesome is and giving loves treats that works for me Taylor. It right yeah. Despite all that attention now. Bode is at school professionals he gets a fat and you work really hard he wears clothes well he knows what he life. So what does the life. Are their certain outfits the you can tell he likes more than others. Absolutely I think he really gravitate towards the Morse summary luck so when we have like a really bright printed shirt he tends to really light out. Now bode lighting up the Internet at five years ago bode could never known how popular he he can't IA I was urgently the fashion industry and so at a lot of commence drilling about a home. And it was a rainy day and that he was just sitting on the bed looking at me and I thought. Put a few blazers on them and see what Hoffman so I dressed to rob. He started giving me these and not see is like that hot this about that. That original photo shoot instantly going viral picked up by GQ the next day. Since then bode continuing to vets flock here. I think social media's about fun and getting dressed up can be fun. And we're really trying to communicate that Brooks Brothers is for anyone that appreciates good style whether you're for like it or to. I love it and let's be honest bode looks pretty dog gone spiffy and that new collection. His character building as as many modeling jobs off. Character especially when you're against a dog that's wearing clothes that looks a lot better than New England right that's cac today. For the record Hilan complained about how does he looked at issue even very very fond memories of this day. And it will be and we the tough but fun fashionable but also say yen up putting on her protective parents act to ensure that bode well taken care. It's a larger production than people anticipate. Because working with a dog have to make sure that he's safe and he's we'll take care than there's enough people giving trees and ego boost all of that hard work paying off. Bode is a bona fide star not every day you get to give a belly route to a celebrity.

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Bohdi, the four-legged fashionista and a top male model are sporting new looks from Brooks Brothers, but who wears it best? ABC News' Will Ganss has the story.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"62750656","title":"Meeting fashion's top dog","url":"/WNN/video/meeting-fashions-top-dog-62750656"}