Meghan Trainor Says She Cried Watching Her Photoshopped 'Me Too' Video

The "All About That Bass" singer removed her latest music video from VEVO after discovering her waistline was photoshopped.
4:12 | 05/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Meghan Trainor Says She Cried Watching Her Photoshopped 'Me Too' Video
And it's appropriately called the skinny this time that the threat she would this lead story exactly because government headlines of Photoshop controversy. Surrounding B two. If you go about B two. Megan trainer. Out so Megan Trainor says she broke down into tears when she premiered her second single off her new album thank you single being me to. And sell what video letters had done to her waist to make her look slimmer I don't see it. Fishing in the video pulled from Bebo and YouTube calling it insulting. And has signed up on a new version saying she pressed to show the dramatic difference between the two. So this is the first time the Grammy winner has been photo shop last month fans accused Seventeen Magazine. Of altering her body on the front cover the whole thing is all the more ironic since given her about the body positive breakout single. All about that face in morning fourteen and trainer has since spoken out against unattainable standards of beauty. And in fact related to meet your video has a similar message of empowerment try to you know you can Photoshop video I don't know either. I might have a I might need to return to have a hard. The formal or Debussy of his suggestion I could lose a couple of other strange to go from first song and an artist that stands for that kind of a message of God's body productivity an unattainable standards and then they go on Photoshop something without her permission. Which you notice I mean permanence. I don't she says she didn't read you saw the video and then I back to fix it it has us talking about her music look at for her she looks great. And next what's going on with Justin Bieber get. The beads apparently on an emotional roller coaster he's been bursting into tears during performances canceling meet and greets with fans and now. This alone and barefoot. In Boston's public garden feeding squirrels. He spent the day in the park along until dusk. Now this came less than 24 hours before beaver then went on an innocent Graham rent demanding his bands stop asking for his autograph. He told end yesterday quote I feel like an animal making it clear that he's a person emotionally drained and doesn't owe anyone anything. Okay some fans are wondering now if it's. Too late for him to say it's hard. Katic of that this is gone. Thank you just responded what do you mean. Weary and a very you know. I think about it especially for someone who became famous like him at such a young age I mean they spend their lives under this microphone built scope constantly surrounded by cameras. And you know it's hard to. Realize how crazy that can really make your ever watching a Britney Spears documentary and it changed my perspective on when she didn't you know kind of win win through. What seems like something similar happened so you're saying this should have been a long time coming we can think America. Not having maybe it's time they give them there's. Face a little bit of the privacy clearly he needs company. And silence. Tom Brady you're a fan are you what it. I don't I that clearly are the pride and efforts and leave him alone but this apparently being Tom Brady isn't easy to. The New England Patriots cornerback is only three months away from his 39 birthday and it's here in your city to promote his commercial birth simmons' new mattress the beauty rest black. You can end. We'll Casey may be surprised to learn that Brady hits that mattress at. 830 every night for solid nine hours of shut eye before getting up at 5:30 new morning. Along with the supermodel wife to kids the upcoming cookbook endorsements would Movado and vitamin water. His own trading company and that whole football career thing Brady admits he's extremely disciplined about his sleep his diet and his family. The mix sauce just listening to us I read once that he only if tomatoes and peppers as a treat. You sounds like a 13. To treat tomatoes. Peppers. Little hot sauce.

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{"duration":"4:12","description":"The \"All About That Bass\" singer removed her latest music video from VEVO after discovering her waistline was photoshopped.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"39030561","title":"Meghan Trainor Says She Cried Watching Her Photoshopped 'Me Too' Video ","url":"/WNN/video/meghan-trainor-cried-watching-photoshopped-video-39030561"}