A New Meme: Statue Posing

Move over planking, people are now posing and posting with statues.
2:55 | 08/09/13

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Transcript for A New Meme: Statue Posing
Right after the -- new Internet craze for. Planking and you know Corning doesn't know what now it's as a dude posing with statues -- -- off as a -- her but you've posed with statue exact. He did you do artistic things with pieces of art was put up some pictures. First picture of the lady and the bears arms -- like. That's about yeah. That's really good big daddy looks just like -- just think he's got a little teeny ones like that's. And cut off right here yeah I'm -- and abandonment. -- ordinary. Losers of the night. And yet it's the little one is punch in the guy out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it can hold little woman when I was -- so next time you're upset don't touch -- -- the finger like the guy did in -- did the -- That's actually really cool I wanna try that with every -- -- come across snapped. -- really would like I only have thirty seconds to tell you this is a new discovery show which is called secret sex lives of swingers have followed these all American couples aren't parents are very -- hotly high level professional people. And that -- swinging jobs. There the women in the city authorities these are totally normal people just happened to have. But flat that are a little on the crazy side because they have multiple partners -- And that lady just -- -- -- six weeks ago and says thank -- I didn't have sex with anybody else my husband and -- I know it's actually. -- -- -- Swingers which like. You never see them. Politics and -- -- only went there on this guns and that's the world news hope. Congress up to its old tricks we'll discuss it in the mix that's a brand. Accordions. Around the world right here in NYC. In Bryant Park on Sunday and Thursday. They play for free and as part -- -- invite cell lines here just left my. I've had worse things throughout and they don't worry. People criticize my music almost every -- and you can call me a ride because they told me not to play. Steroids I'm not read his own so I don't -- That's -- chronic. Asthma. You -- At least I don't work blue. Because I could be like Carlos danger and he sexting -- who is pleased about -- these may be bridge accordions can't really -- -- the world news -- This weekend CN Monday.

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{"id":19912596,"title":"A New Meme: Statue Posing","duration":"2:55","description":"Move over planking, people are now posing and posting with statues.","url":"/WNN/video/meme-statue-posing-19912596","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}