Memorial Day deals's senior consumer analyst Vera Gibbons gives us the scoop on this year's hot holiday sales.
4:04 | 05/24/17

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Transcript for Memorial Day deals
You've probably seen all the emails and ads this weekend is prime time for deal so what should you buy now. And what should you wait on consumer acts are very Gibbons is here after talking with some experts. You now have the scoop forest so. What do we go forum but we wait on. Very good deals on cars there's tightened Edmunds dot com last night this is when you see the cast back their rebates the special financing offers. Accurate TO legs over 9000 cars off Ford Expedition about 101000 dollars off tiny attic Camry Toyota Corolla incentivized. Lexus has some very attractive deals that are really good time to drive away a barring in. From your Miller as he did gas prices companies protecting their product prices ever memorial they want will be heartened last year. Things are broadening stable for the summer so that's a good way to kick off this summer and new car and some news again hanging out out clothing is always great to fire on this time but how long do you wait before you wait for the spring stuff to go on sale now is interesting I'm talking to retelling not they said 2010980%. Opt Memorial Day stuff on the springs the light jackets the light sweaters things of that you -- weighed on the real summer stop the sandals -- and the thing but some very attractive deals on. Other merchandise as you know retailers are really strong cubs really is directly or contract collect a record number closures and bankruptcies more than me I'm 2009. So that means heavy incentives really get it got incentives and some inventory they got to move sad for them but good for those of us doing a good deal. And then mattresses Salomon expect always Memorial Day and why did you. Ever play this yeah there's that. So you're looking at 50% up at. Do you want even that the beauty were arrest has a cool wean op per it's you know 60% up. You do tendencies and the bigger discounts on a lower name brand and then the smartest down some the name brands in the form of a coupon but yes. But when you're spending that much money even a small this cannot now you say that's true Macy's has always has some really good deals on mattresses out and try to act and then appliances of those specific kind of appliances and look for there and incentivized across the board everything really from stands to washing dryer states but and put it in particular yeah refrigerators. Sears has a really Ed Ken Moore are refrigerator. For under a thousand dollars right now Sears and Chris has some serious incentives because. They are struggling like a lot of the other retell and blenders to that's what I want but I don't understand is that on the open Nikola are there in the little Margarita it's time to actually by the blunder small kitchen accessories appliances up to 75. You see you know they're that the site wide sales Macy's JC Penney Kohl's for about ten thanks an entire blunder. There. We got it margaritas at my place. And I'm staying at my. We're doing it sticking out. Not my place out home decor and that kind of thing that what do you look for adult record serial little Bed, Bath & Beyond type prosecution doesn't help my hat seventy I was not. Stuff like that they've got to move that inventory it's sitting there may have a lot that. I would definitely look into that I can't go into Bed, Bath & Beyond because every time I do them in their for two hours and I buy a car full of stuff I don't need there's something about these home goods store that just. Totally secular going to bed bath now about your 20% off coupons. Or hateful now we note that Memorial Day is a good time to get that and then. Vacations you would think it's for us to stay away from that because it's a well I'm not talking my vacations but he vacation for Memorial Day because I want people are to have their plans and Memorial Day let them. Book then now we got travelocity hotels X media you do see certain packages rolled out you know we're talking twenty to potentially get deeper sum up. For you haven't bought summing for the summer and your onset with your summer travel when they don't wanna travel for memorial know again but you can bid to get weakened to book for add another you can travel for Memorial Day weekend you need is here and expense ever and they get rained. Irate very Gibbons thanks so much and alleviate having on and we loved. That's a good deal here on world news now do stay with says we have more news break them.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"'s senior consumer analyst Vera Gibbons gives us the scoop on this year's hot holiday sales.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"47602966","title":"Memorial Day deals","url":"/WNN/video/memorial-day-deals-47602966"}