The Miami Heat Repeat as NBA Champions

Sportscaster Jason Page gives his analysis on the Heat's win and the NBA playoffs.
4:39 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for The Miami Heat Repeat as NBA Champions
It was a truly nail bite out of the last two minutes -- game seven of the NBA finals the quarterfinals ultimately though the Miami pulled. It off beating the San Antonio Spurs plan king James. Sit atop a thrown for yet another. Here with all the highlights -- Jason page welcome days and you think it's excellent keep playing. Yeah let's go to the highlights and look LeBron James in this series fantastic. You know look. He at 53 pointers in this entire series coming into this game here it sent an -- say in the first six games this series had. -- -- tonight. Five Big Three pointer was like from a half or well this was Mario Chalmers to end the third quarter exit 771 -- -- Leonard comes back it's a great. 98088 that the spurs tip to golden opportunities Atlanta -- miss 13 here and then Tim Duncan from. -- -- The sugar Shane Battier and Duncan never shows any emotion should -- here he knew that was a big opportunity missed. Come out of the timeout LeBron James. Nineteenth the dead ball game older simple -- -- for -- and they celebrate that's all that's -- -- Miami. He -- win 9588. And look. You have to give Miami credit notes may be the best team in the west I think San Antonio when the series in seven games -- all of my sort right now. Say I screwed it up Miami give them all the credit in the world. And look back to back championships this team no doubt and it changes the narrative dramatically. I don't think there's ever been a franchise. And a player. Where one dean. Completely change the narrative about if my if my -- -- the sat next year if a Miami loses this game as a chance Chris Bosh isn't that -- right here. You're talking about maybe LeBron James opting out in his contract next year -- on back to Cleveland. This changes everything now back to back championships. It puts a -- -- different level and with Harry in the NBA being the way it is now. You may not -- back to back championships coming out. This is this is kind of dynasty situation here -- heard LeBron after the game saying really great things do you think that this is gonna help. You know assuaged the James haters that's this guy is the real deal pennies in these you know it's grown up and you know what let's let's -- the credit -- -- If one title didn't do it why would a second half -- 871%. Of the people live there rebel whose with the guys. It didn't does a great job in this stuff he -- a tweet out there tonight 71%. Of people. That don't like LeBron James hate him because of the decision you remember what he said he's gonna go play out in Miami I'm bringing my talents to South Beach. That was a big thing and and that ticked off a lot of people -- them the wrong way. He was just that catwalk that their revenues wrongly that the -- was little you never know that there isn't a cap a bad apple developed a couple of times -- -- -- I didn't win any champion wasn't quite the -- here. Let me give all the credit -- the world San Antonio known amazing season of that team and we were talking about LeBron and I wanted to ask about LeBron ain't. I mean this guy was big before what does this mean for the businessmen -- And -- eighteenth get bigger how meaningless and you're talking about a guy that's already a mega superstar. You know a guy now who has two titles this silences the rest of the critics if you don't like LeBron. You don't like him based on style you don't like him based on. You know the decision. You can't deny what he's done -- basketball play army at 3537 points twelve rebounds in this game tonight he couldn't have been better when it mattered the most if you don't like LeBron it's more the U problem and that is that I'm problem this point. -- Tim Duncan right -- conduct not so many titles but you know he misses that -- shot it's one of the greatest of them all time. -- tarnish is legacy and do you think -- having the chance to come back listen. Oklahoma city's gonna come back with Russell -- healthy next year. The clippers are gonna bring back Chris Paul -- middle trying to work a trade right now that'll bring Doc Rivers over as head coach maybe get Kevin Garnett into the next. They're going to be very good next year Golden State Warriors are going to be very good next -- it's -- very difficult for San Antonio to get this kind of opportunity again. This final thoughts Miami -- a member of had to go on 123. -- -- -- to eight. No matter that is -- -- no reason I think that Miami couldn't do this got a more time -- listen we talked about how hard the Weston's. The east is still a lot easier than the last yeah Chicago we'll have here rows back next year. But Miami was better than them when they had Derrick Rose the first time. I don't see any reason -- Miami still can't -- better than them. Indiana's the next toughest competition that you look at the knicks Miami should be back in the NBA finals next year argument there -- they play that's different question. Awesome analysis Jason thank you so much thank you doing all right.

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{"id":19453538,"title":"The Miami Heat Repeat as NBA Champions","duration":"4:39","description":"Sportscaster Jason Page gives his analysis on the Heat's win and the NBA playoffs.","url":"/WNN/video/miami-heat-repeat-nba-champions-19453538","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}