Michael Jackson's Son, Prince, to Act

Prince Jackson will get a guest starring role on "90210."
2:57 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for Michael Jackson's Son, Prince, to Act
Time now for the skinny we have. But Jackson family addition skating for you -- yes -- -- -- Willis had no longer witnesses. You know he's meeting -- whom we've witnessed that I think you know this. BCA -- -- but let distance -- in size so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I felt like Texas and hasn't made -- -- going to make an -- Arabia that we heard last week that he is now a correspondent for our Entertainment Tonight now he's also an. There -- apparently so he's making his debut on 9021 -- to teen drama on CW. It's the finality he apparently is gonna play -- getting to Cooper who connected the main character named -- there. Gall to head he's a member of the Jackson -- -- he has to act as we -- being a drama that. Throughout and today -- a gas and -- -- Say it's big the Jackson family gets -- -- -- what my ex girlfriends Janet Jackson confirmed exclusively -- she isn't married to wait. An Entertainment Tonight yes -- -- -- little brother were able just pure coincidence that it is skeptical are actually get people. This do -- run things right with some Belmont yet he's the billionaire businessman now and they confirmed that marriage in a joint statement only -- they said the rumors regarding an extravagant wedding -- simply not true last year we were married in a quiet. Private and beautiful ceremony last year's -- that is on the DL -- She's got married quietly in a -- old men were nails -- -- -- -- choreographer will they got they were married for years quietly she did it again so congratulations looking good is always. This tax. And -- aren't moving on now too. Many we have talked a lot about Tiger Woods. He hasn't spotted with -- and now this is gonna happen in the world and acts the people who I have -- is obviously but this is very interesting because of the way that they you know broke out. And because he's tiger -- that way and many are Nordegren were spotted in Jupiter -- at a youth. And in. Sports organizations and their for the kids are just nice apparently tiger ride to the event's first of his son and daughter and -- arrived about an hour later they chatted for about half an hour and -- -- left in him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bombing Baghdad denying any -- because the marriage is over -- -- mom and dad so it's great to see that good for them but not there yet. Also congrats to the folks who produce the Oscars they did well with the telecast Sunday night was seen by fourteen point three million people -- -- slight increase over last year showed the most watched almost Oscars telecast in three. -- so congrats to. Today it did well I think there's genuine suspense which is good and it's just one more person that watches action out there. Exactly and don't forget what she admitted it -- and talk about the new lineup for Dancing With The Stars.

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{"id":18595756,"title":"Michael Jackson's Son, Prince, to Act","duration":"2:57","description":"Prince Jackson will get a guest starring role on \"90210.\"","url":"/WNN/video/michael-jacksons-son-prince-act-18595756","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}