Michael Jordan Kicked Off of Golf Course

The legendary NBA Hall of Famer is asked to leave for wearing cargo shorts on course.
3:00 | 11/30/12

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Transcript for Michael Jordan Kicked Off of Golf Course
What a matter about it to this getting -- staying current situation for NBA legends of rock star Michael Jordan apparently he. Showed up at -- -- country club swank. Little place down in my and it available -- golf he's loved golfer. A lot of years here apparently he had on some cargo shorts at the time all right -- weather's -- Miami. At the twelfth hole he was approached by -- pretty good looks -- -- twelve -- He's approached by personnel the club they say look it's against our dress code policy to Wear cargo shorts. Please go back to the clubhouse in changed Jordan refused to go back to the clubhouse. And then it's okay well you no longer allowed back here mr. Michael Jordan. His folks and released a statement and say he'd been there many times before had warned cargo pants previously had never been -- and they made aware that was against the policy. And -- yes it's true he refused in -- his game we -- -- the policy and the who is agent or as a representative said I guess since their loss has NJ is a great golfer and -- great guest I don't know what business on the -- would turn Michael Jordan away but apparently. But horse country club in Miami. He is one of the nice going LaGuardia you can. This -- -- -- Michael Jordan good good business decision yeah. Well how -- -- Mary had a very. I mean she's just very unlucky in love we've all been talking about the fact that there is that big showdown between Halley Berry's ex spy Gabriel Aubrey the father of her four and a half year old. Beautiful little girl and ala. And her new man her fiance Olivier Martinez lives. Now apparently Halley Berry and Gabriel have to have reached some sort of truce in their custody war. Any protective that -- -- order against. Aubrey. Has been lifted it's on it's unclear now whether or not pull every restraining order against Martinez filed Monday -- calmly you know whether or not -- remains in effect but at least it appears that they have reached a truce which just terrific because they are the parents of popcorn happy year old and it clearly isn't in the best interest. Of the child for -- for them to be its. Squabbling the way they have been but I will say -- you know how it very wanted to take a little girl while we have plants and and you -- that -- -- -- and -- her beautiful new fiance like really. The up literally and elaborate this -- at -- there's a truce Nelson maybe the movement forward a little bit and that's the that's what everybody let me. After the fight is pending final education and I guess maybe it was so violent that now she's she wants to get out of the home because she's listed her Hollywood Hills home. Where this took place here on the market. Fifteen million dollars and asking -- excellent Olivier got the better of that match up real quick remember the story for more than a year ago Justin Bieber involvement paternity suit this woman came forward to send three teams -- -- backstage -- this kid is yours. At the time that was central to the case was his paternity test which you know -- -- fine I'll take -- and apparently her lawyer all these months later saying look we still don't have the results of that paternity test and whether Justin is in fact the father. Barrels per day that it didn't they do not have the results are still waiting for who knows what's going -- and real quick and medical note to pass on to you. Joseph Jackson father Michael Jackson suffered a mild stroke and hospital recuperating.

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{"id":17844543,"title":"Michael Jordan Kicked Off of Golf Course","duration":"3:00","description":"The legendary NBA Hall of Famer is asked to leave for wearing cargo shorts on course.","url":"/WNN/video/michael-jordan-kicked-off-golf-17844543","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}