Miley Cyrus Wows on Jimmy Kimmel

Miley Cyrus shows off her new look, including thigh-high boots.
3:00 | 06/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miley Cyrus Wows on Jimmy Kimmel
Just getting tad did you watch Jimmy -- last night. At a quarter lag I had I had I had in my office Miley Cyrus came out I glanced up and what war. -- -- -- -- that that she -- on the show. Till added there in their -- insisting haircut we have the outfit. Bad -- what do you think wow good those through. Look at that very -- is literally hand -- can walk. Yeah very distinct choices could she sat down and that is the first time somebody in their underwear set down on the -- need to normalize bilateral -- might have some of that back. -- at any rate this is all part of my -- Coast to coast tour with ABC she went straight from Jimmy Kimmel show. The airport and she's going to be on Good Morning America this morning and -- she's -- wrap -- -- coast to coast tour with Kelly and -- live with Kelly and Michael. Later today. But -- -- definitely. Strange job I guess and -- that you know. He wants to put some his separation between her. In Montana and the woman -- -- -- -- as much as I don't know if I care for the up and I think she's doing and is probably Smart. I guess but she has to realize that the same people out of her fans and she was kind Hannah Montana continue to be your friends down there you know I mean they don't really get -- of those twins are now also have full moral courage to and -- don't -- I get so you're right here yeah and is -- she's got quite a night at what is that mormons liberty -- where the same amount that that you were lost his questionable this morning to beat Titanic the watching CNN find out if she rocks the same amount the CI DF. I have a right to your boards get on planes that would make perfect sense yeah -- an. The music video by the way to the that's -- actually saying how kind of bizarre I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then there's that yeah. Brown at the legal troubles getting even worse now so I. Got into a little bit of a fender Bender where he -- rear ended another car well now the Los Angeles city attorney has filed hit and run dry charges as well as driving without a license charges. And all of this is kind of putting him in trouble -- you know he he's a potentially violating his probation in connection with a felony assault conviction in the beating him the girlfriend Rihanna you know way back in the day. And when he is now defending himself and he's saying that the whole thing is baloney -- is doing that. Via Twitter -- these residents -- it's let me read that into you she referring to the woman that he hit content to the cops thinking of the payday from Chris Brown when I follow the proper procedures. I have a valid driver's license and I gave the woman the right -- she's got cameras and wanted to make a scene. And the last week there which I think is the most telling it's not -- hit and run if you get out of the car exchange information. Who has no damage to either cars this is really ridiculous. Your ego is that a -- that somebody -- that this is Chris Brown I can probably get a whole lot of money and this guy. Or did he really do the right thing and hit and run. Fact that he's in trouble so we'll have to wait thing. Uninteresting auction item that you may be interested -- -- Monica Lewinsky her lingerie not from your letter to Bill Clinton or going to be up on the auction block. Now this is from -- news UPI dot com now reportedly she was having an affair with a school -- from Portland Oregon at the same time. That everything Bill Clinton was going on -- that teacher and indeed more -- Is auctioning off more than thirty items including letter from the president and several clothing items -- items owned. Well apparently she was having according to this article she she was having an affair with him as well so she gave him all the -- of Diana we have not shoot the messenger comes. Sorry Alan I can tell anyway apparently is very very -- invest rarer items according to the auctioneers so they've got. I don't wanna -- blue dress that is not I don't have any of that stuff for the ten football now you now that he didn't. Yeah once not a AS.

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{"id":19490872,"title":"Miley Cyrus Wows on Jimmy Kimmel","duration":"3:00","description":"Miley Cyrus shows off her new look, including thigh-high boots.","url":"/WNN/video/miley-cyrus-wows-jimmy-kimmel-19490872","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}