Militants Claim More Territory in Iraq

ABC News' Kristin Fisher reports that President Obama is weighing military options in Iraq.
2:47 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Militants Claim More Territory in Iraq
America's number one. Good morning chaotic situation in Iraq shows no signs of letting up -- militants -- even more territory. And now President Obama is awaiting -- that the insurgents creep closer to Baghdad. So will US -- the next ABC's -- -- -- -- in Washington with reaction from the White House good morning Chris. Good morning -- President Obama says the US military he's going to do something but. After nearly nine years of war and sacrifice in Iraq one option that's not on the table is putting more US troops back on the ground. -- cell phone video shot just yesterday appears to show Islamic extremists parading through the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. In vehicles seized from Iraqi soldiers. Those soldiers have been trying to stop the militants as -- -- through city after city towards Baghdad. But is this YouTube video posted by the militant says Iraqi troops are losing. Thousands of Iraqi soldiers are seen here surrendering to the militants with links to -- Qaeda Iraq's government is now begging the US to step in. Yesterday a cautious President Obama said help is on the way my team is working. Around the clock to identify how we give. The most effective assistance through that. The White House is now weighing a range of short term military options including air strikes but putting American troops back on the ground isn't one of them. Instead the president is calling on the international community to help. At the top UN official in Iraq appears to be downplaying the crisis saying the Iraqi Government is still. In control but is this is the way I understood him there -- no immediate danger of the eleventh spreading to look towards -- -- -- to bug that. Alleging years after US troops toppled Saddam Hussein hundreds of American contractors have now been evacuated from a base in Northern Iraq. Prompting the secretary of state to say the time to act he's now we are deeply. Silver. Another country not waiting -- on Iraq's historical arch nemesis. Tehran has already dispatched more than a hundred elite fighters to help the Iraqi Government John -- -- happens to me and they certainly have a dog in this fight but what do we know about the militants when they take over Baghdad want to take over Baghdad what's your ultimate goal after crippling the capital. These militants are from ices that sort for the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria and their goal is essentially didn't make their name a reality they want to create a new Islamic state in that region. And they're willing to do it almost all costs back to you. All right -- -- live in Washington thank you.

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{"id":24120484,"title":"Militants Claim More Territory in Iraq","duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News' Kristin Fisher reports that President Obama is weighing military options in Iraq.","url":"/WNN/video/militants-claim-territory-iraq-24120484","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}