Daniel Craig Makes $1 Million in 7 Minutes

Daniel Craig makes $1 Million for a 7-minute appearance at the NY Auto Show.
3:53 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Daniel Craig Makes $1 Million in 7 Minutes
Welcome to the skinny this is the story that just won't quit Justin -- are once again in the news because that you remember earlier and earlier this week heat. It's some kind of scuffle with a neighbor and his Terry Ferrari -- married man -- make people upset. Well the police called the -- said that he wanted to press charges because he had committed battery against and that's a wide ranging he could either. Tapped him on the shoulder -- that some some of -- -- kind of way well. The -- claiming that Justin Bieber spit on him. Just is not Mallon said that is absolutely not sure why didn't do that at all well. Well now we're backtracking a little bit because police did their research and their homework and they spoke to people who were there. Witnesses across the street -- -- for the homeowners apparently were interviewed separately at least one of them sad. Yes in fact just in did spit in his neighbors. Natalie -- -- of -- zero apple not only that but he is apparently quoted as saying. Get me a blank. Out of here I'm going to blanking -- -- -- -- -- -- I had beef against just neither -- yeah and he can get an eleven of trouble but people in the neighborhood -- -- -- -- 47 year old -- data three who actually went to the security guards -- -- moved -- and that we need to. I'll keep this -- privacy in -- here. It's strange on the mystery. I I I question its true because it. So at least fifty my face and I would be able to control myself I am I go wild god didn't go wild and killed him right there on the spot denied it makes me wonder could happen -- and just what does way to do so I can see how he's -- About -- get a little but these days. And his heart and lungs are a lot better than that -- -- mantle played up what if Lindsay Lohan about the only person is in the news for infamy more than just in these days. She touches down in Brazil amid claims that she took a bracelet from the anger management -- and she's -- allegations like this before. That allegedly she landed on Wednesday in Sao -- And she's greeted by her fans and some of the accessories that she had on came to light in -- there's allegation that she kept a bracelet after finishing filming his show Wednesday on the set of Charlie sheen's anger management flowers wouldn't be the first time if it's true she apparently swept -- 2500 dollar necklace. From a Jewish store in California we all heard about. Months back so they -- when. Now while there she is once again in his. All right moving on to something that I think is pretty incredible fight its work that I would do if I can get it. Yes Cragg of the James Bond -- who that yes very for the latest -- WO zero agent. The only paid one million dollars to appear. The New York auto show -- We noted drops a million backs when he was there for a total that set in -- and minutes life -- -- -- a video before hand and then you know ordered into would display area. And he really didn't she walked out -- -- -- seven photographers with -- and some. You know flashing lights one person actually said he didn't get crispy chicken an Intel is actually the parent was doing this for a Land -- oh by the way. Apparently lived there for a total of seven minutes for one million dollars like -- that we did the math. That is a grand total of a 143. Fouls ten dollars her minute I should've done the. Seconds for -- that's incredible us about some more big money hip hop Forbes's list of richest hip pop stars got a -- Casey. Close. Did he jump shot Diddy Combs an estimated worth the 580 million bucks -- number 28 -- Saturday 75 million according to Forbes. Number three Dr. Dre with 350. Million in the bank of most of that coming from those beats headphones. And then it's rounded out by Bryan -- Williams and rapper fifty cent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is -- built this did you manage talent and now now he just works really well you have -- State for that.

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{"id":18837712,"title":"Daniel Craig Makes $1 Million in 7 Minutes","duration":"3:53","description":"Daniel Craig makes $1 Million for a 7-minute appearance at the NY Auto Show.","url":"/WNN/video/million-minutes-18837712","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}