Millions from Florida to North Carolina brace for Hurricane Dorian

The storm is expected to come dangerously close to the coastline, potentially dropping several feet of storm surge. ABC News' Serena Marshall reports.
3:43 | 09/04/19

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Transcript for Millions from Florida to North Carolina brace for Hurricane Dorian
We begin with hurricane Dorian approaching the US coastline. After wiping out part of the Bahamas thousands of power outages are already reported in Florida here's where the storm is right now the eye of Dorian is staying well off the coast passing east of Cape Canaveral. But tropical storm force winds can be felt 170 miles away from the eye wall here's the latest forecasts on where the storm is heading the big concern is for the Carolina coast including Charleston tomorrow. Filed by the Outer Banks of North Carolina in addition to heavy rain coastal areas are bracing for a storm surge that could reach seven feet. Up to ten inches of rain could fall in some areas there right now the first effects of Dorgan are the heavy winds gusts could top seven miles per hour. As the storm crawls along the coast ABC's Serena martial begins our coverage she's in new Smyrna beach and volusia county Florida and Serena. We can already see that wind and rain starting to pick out. In a candidate or the conditions have really deteriorated here in Florida and just the past few outward movement in the rain though and that's can be quite intense at times of emergency evacuation orders remain in effect from here all the way up to the outer banks. Now overnight the president did sign another emergency declaration this one for North Carolina. Overnight the conditions were worsening and Florida as hurricane Dorian begins it's trek north. The storm's outer B and lashing the State's central coast packing wind gusts near sixty miles per hour already knocking out power to thousands. Right now you can seat just in front of the flight here how bad the conditions are getting. And we're seeing that when we're feeling the rain and were expecting more. The hurricane is expected to hug dangerously close to the coastline where flood prone areas could be inundated with several feet of storm surge. Really the proximity of this storm gets so much closer to Charleston, South Carolina up through the outer banks that's our next. Real area to be worried about. This morning millions of Americans from Florida to North Carolina are under evacuation orders. That includes the outer banks were only one highway lets people on and off the barrier islands. In Virginia the navy is now moving ships from its Norfolk station to safer waters and warplanes are relocating to its naval station in Pensacola. In low lying Charleston, South Carolina which to see the highest storm surge hospital workers are racing to beat the storm. Trying to move as many patients as they can to higher ground the mayor warning time to evacuate. Now. If you live and I residence. That flooded over the last four years you should evacuate your residence and moved to higher ground. While in Savannah Georgia families with little children and little means. Had to wait in the heat and long lines for a bus ride to safety. Yeah. I'm one of those people that have a vehicle and a head of finance. You know robotics and incredible tale it. I guess she's eating her hair back in Florida the high tide from the storm brought this than usual site amenity and someone's French yard. Tide is so behind me actually have amenities swimming in our yard right now. CM. Big hero. You guys in some way this bill but a typical Florida storm but then you get those intense wind does in this sideways rain to remind you this is not typical furnaces are hurricane. Now as of evacuation orders remain in effect we've seen price gouging become a major problem thousands of complaints coming in. People charging double that price for cases of water an increase prices on gas. As folks are trying fifteen to those evacuation warning. Kenneth Penang. And the state attorney there in the state of Florida promising to prosecute any palace price gouging. Allegations and claims they're through Marshall thank you.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"The storm is expected to come dangerously close to the coastline, potentially dropping several feet of storm surge. ABC News' Serena Marshall reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"65376494","title":"Millions from Florida to North Carolina brace for Hurricane Dorian","url":"/WNN/video/millions-florida-north-carolina-brace-hurricane-dorian-65376494"}