Last-minute gift ideas for dad

This Father's Day, subscriptions are the name of the game. ABC News' Will Ganss wraps up the last-minute lifesavers to celebrate dad on Sunday!
2:07 | 06/19/20

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Transcript for Last-minute gift ideas for dad
I'm hip but I surf the web like tax fellow well laugh out loud OMG oh my god WT whether face. Whether your dad is hip. Or not. This year shaping up to be a very digital dad Stan subscriptions. Are the name of the game teacher old man's new tricks with the monthly subscription to master class for only fifteen bucks -- of access to eighty different lessons from mixology I want to show how great call tells the. It means your everyday life. To poker strategy ticks that's the way he answered him pretty confident that. Two lessons for celebrating Father's Day he and style what it takes to get into. Real the lands on draft or if dad had to cancel a big vacation because of the pandemic. Treated to an Caribbean be experience. The site offers hundreds of virtual experiences ranging from the dollar to 200. Like making pots dealt with it actual Italian go to. Or paddle boarding in Florida with a corgi named mr. beach's. If pops has a green thumb of subscription to the silk for 35 dollars a month provides one new plant and planter. Every thirty days and right now Disney plazas offering streaming for just 1299 a month. And they're throwing in ESPN and Hulu with him. Or if dad is really climbing the walls and quarantine there is boot camp is offering a live stream at home personal training sessions for ninety dollars. On the other hand you could send happy hour straight to dad's store compliments of a sixty dollar wine subscription from wink. Or if you're trying to celebrate this spirit of father's state tasters global ship the harder stuff starting at 44 bucks a month. All right Ed if none of that sounds like your dad Amazon currently has an entire Father's Day section. And prime members can choose gifts like ties or razors or even plastic beer cups. All deliverable by this Sunday he got act quick you guys. You set for what Johnson what do you getting I don't know I don't know why don't you write a quick closure here because there's way closing years let get. I got a new drill. Let me help and I get it that's not a big surprise until he wanted to drill like I you.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"This Father's Day, subscriptions are the name of the game. ABC News' Will Ganss wraps up the last-minute lifesavers to celebrate dad on Sunday!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"71342856","title":"Last-minute gift ideas for dad","url":"/WNN/video/minute-gift-ideas-dad-71342856"}