Museum for pizza lovers

The man who founded the Museum of Pizza in New York gives us a tour!
3:01 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Museum for pizza lovers
Stop. Is one of the most important for the holidays of the entire here. Brace yourself it's national Pete Phelan everything except anchovies. It's picks Tierney applaud them. This morning we're getting a tour of New York city's museum of pizza and the man who don't have it they needed me. They both are big fans defense I've. In my head Rosie on the high bank president and welcome to the museum of its. So this is the history of you face a network. Was created by a company called optical animal we have all sorts of different back some of their sixteen millimeter and 35 millimeters slide projectors really meant to show everyone. How he became to be able to this event and cultural phenomenon that the world loves them doors and I rumors. Miles an hour in the psychedelic pizza parlor we have awesome artifacts like just needs a guitar made by Andrew WK the famous rock and roll star. One of my favorite sculptures. There's abuse by an artist based in New York called mystic heats up. I'm very interested to see I know that cultural aspects looking at kind of contemporary world issues with pizza but it has been around for so long. Now or in the future of pizza otherwise known as the dark side of the mood and its psychedelic. Futuristic. He's escaped. People coming there and do whatever they want actually it colleagues did as we. Apps on the month so an hour event of the season and Rwanda have a lot of personal significance to me. I was in Lebanon and Beirut and I was in this massive cave called objective growth and that's where does inspiration in front belly goes the big ball of he has. As we re created a New York City and this is the bizarre LP the State's playground and it's a family favorite. We have a cease we have bag toss we pretty much created apart in the middle of museum. That welcome to pizza beads this whole room was made out of paper vishay. Newspaper duct tape and bullet essentially and we constructed this whole thing it's blood nine days to build and paint at all. This is a room called safety is just fine artist colts on acts this kind of how she brought you little life. Through make up. The pizza lives lost to the compact is called pizza hatton and giant templates and he knows his role. And actually go inside of an experience what happened looks like and after like a little. Oh so this is the pizza vortex is meant to take you on a journey through time and saves. All he's related ads and salt flats the fun house sit through pretty tribute. Grapevine with all these rules could be years my favorite part is that going to slice and. Stay here her love needs with what my best friends and taking out. Very my birthday in the wake of my baby's diet he has done it says a look I have for Jesus.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"The man who founded the Museum of Pizza in New York gives us a tour!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"59134195","title":"Museum for pizza lovers","url":"/WNN/video/museum-pizza-lovers-59134195"}