Mustang Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ford to build limited edition mustang to celebrate 50th anniversary.
4:13 | 04/17/14

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Transcript for Mustang Celebrates 50th Anniversary
Classic -- for a classic false news variety in the country how do. Here hair managed just so you guys should really take this weather outlook everyone you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now I -- -- An important -- second independent card and beautiful but all about -- home. Like all good men it's going better with age and death has left its fiftieth birthday -- -- my visitation Ford brought back. My Diamondbacks -- now started to -- let my people out there. The company gave in 2015. Month of negative talking about it. He just doesn't 1964 the call was disassembled and taken off the elevator. And rebuild on the observation deck -- that -- I think your before -- -- was ready for something upbeat. -- Eagles landed on American soil in February and -- two months later. Ford executive Lee Iacocca came in from the -- Latin America -- -- car -- do what they can't write new generation. And that's pretty affordable price tag and a Latin American family and. Car household -- -- the unique features nude shot with options sport actually allow the customers customize the -- with. There's never need to get a V8 engine whether -- -- talk radio air conditioning or none of the above. And all right -- -- started in 2000. 368. -- 815 Atlanta is today stuff -- right now here tonight. It's a win. I had hoped more aimed at 4171000. Of these beauties that -- here -- symbolic of course of that force seventeen -- Political nearly 400 in nineteen -- that over the past fifty years more than nine million mustangs had been sold. And you know -- made it when it -- -- -- right into the case with the mustang one of the most esteemed drivers involved. James Bond in the 1971. Movie diamonds are forever bond played by Sean Connery Johnson mustang at an elite police on a chase through Las Vegas. -- -- -- the no -- -- the -- beautiful table we've become tight spaces by driving on wheels. Reported that wasn't just pretty -- Smart hey hey holy night riders. Formally grant that -- 2008 Michael -- -- Mikhail Ford Mustang Shelby -- -- -- -- the privilege of Smart cards to hear artificial intelligence weapons systems. Thank you -- -- morph into different shades and colors. And we don't know that boy blew out -- their -- hey guys love their cars this over the years -- song that's been written about the call from my thank you know what she. But it looks like -- 1966 mustang Sally to get in double visual wild girl and -- brand new cost. -- -- inside and you can. OK OK. Yeah. I think that the song -- -- Wednesday galleries. Today that he wanted to buy -- lunch -- was originally called -- saying mama. The title changed after Aretha Franklin suggested mustang Sally I would -- -- anniversary at a special edition -- offering 1964. Or 1960. More special edition -- They're only being offered to callers what we'll let us -- -- -- will incorporate elements of the 1964 virgin flight crews and crowd surrounded. He'll light and seasonal specialty don't -- your watch whether it would best get your local home feedback. They are beautiful Wednesday but at the right place and we -- -- yeah plotting. -- -- -- -- who is about a mile long line. He did you have -- good -- -- like yeah right yeah that's what mumble yeah. Now scared about everybody. And.

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"Ford to build limited edition mustang to celebrate 50th anniversary.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"23357826","title":"Mustang Celebrates 50th Anniversary","url":"/WNN/video/mustang-celebrates-50th-anniversary-23357826"}