Mystery Powerball winner

Someone in a small town in Maryland is holding the $731 million winning ticket. ABC’s Andrea Fujii reports.
2:25 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Mystery Powerball winner
A lot of mystery still surrounds that 731. Million dollar powerball jackpot. Exactly who may be holding the winning ticket was sold in Maryland it was Evander for GE has the details. Welcome to loan at coney Maryland population. 12100. Locals call their town coney. They've hit hard times in recent years. Jobs are scarce in this former coal mining town and a local paper mail recently shut down but the coney market is bustling. They could see with my staff over here. They've hung around and search site. We started jumping around early this morning. This is where that monster 731. Million dollar winning powerball ticket was sold. At a talk of the town is who was holding the winning ticket. Parents trying to guess who it is. That's the big thing in in a tiny town like this you know. You're probably trying to look at it to them. It looked up 20% of residents here live in poverty the corona viruses only added to the economic devastation. People in coney are hoping whom ever won that Jumbo jackpot tonight campaigns and other. Changing jackpot. Will invest in the town that's the best thing about living in a small town like this is that. Weighing me all you know is poverty. When something like this happens. You automatically want to share that with everyone else to get them opt out. The bad places there and. That may or confirms the ticket belongs to a local couple but they want to remain anonymous. Baca the coney market they've sold the winning ticket before. But that was for the measly sum of 150000. Dollars. A mere pittance compared to this jackpot this time the store will get 100000 dollars just for selling the ticket. It's a big deal my employees are gonna benefit from a or renovate store. We may never know the name of the couple holding that winning lottery ticket because in Maryland lottery winners have the right not to be publicly identified. But it may not take long for the people in coney to figure it out. Kenneth every now says Andrea thank you remove the county. I was gonna say I didn't entirely I like that it's private you know let me too and it's a beautiful quaint. Just a lovely town love you guys that I let Richard.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Someone in a small town in Maryland is holding the $731 million winning ticket. ABC’s Andrea Fujii reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"75422880","title":"Mystery Powerball winner","url":"/WNN/video/mystery-powerball-winner-75422880"}