Nation bracing for 4th wave of COVID

Experts warn that younger Americans are fueling the latest surge in infections. ABC News’ Elizabeth Schulze has new details.
2:22 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for Nation bracing for 4th wave of COVID
This morning doctors are calling this a new phase of the pandemic with younger people fueling the rise in coded infections cases are increasing in nineteen states and now the CDC says it's seeing an increase in transmission during youth sports practices and games. We are learning that many in Turkey all are only did she youth sports and extracurricular activity. Michigan has emerged as the new at the center. More than 13 of cases there are in people twenty to 39 years old right now the state of Michigan. Is far and away the most dangerous place to be. If you're concerned about getting Covert. An icu nurse near Detroit says she's seeing more young patients now than any other time of the pandemic are each. That's our children's age and an error theories maybe this younger group is creating yet more dating. Don't know he answer. Despite the warning signs more states are dropping restrictions. Including Indiana where the statewide mask mandate ends today. In Arlington Texas a sellout crowd of nearly 40000 fans packed the stands at the rangers' home opener and now some cruise lines are asking the CDC for permission to resume sailing in July. Vowing to require all passengers to be vaccinated. Remembered east ships are crowded and are small enclosed places. So there are notorious for getting all kinds of you know viruses but if the capacity of the ship is reduced. The chances of getting an infection especially everybody's vaccinated are very Lois that this could be the way to go. And there's new guidance when it comes to cleaning your home or office the CDC says the risk of carbon infection from surfaces. Is extremely low so in most cases simple Sobel worked to clean out service instead of disinfectant.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Experts warn that younger Americans are fueling the latest surge in infections. ABC News’ Elizabeth Schulze has new details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"76895428","title":"Nation bracing for 4th wave of COVID","url":"/WNN/video/nation-bracing-4th-wave-covid-76895428"}