National Cupcake Day

ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make cupcakes paired with wine and beer for National Cupcake Day.
3:27 | 12/15/14

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Transcript for National Cupcake Day
Not big day today really good day to day. Tuesday its its national cup dignity. I think it Taloqan are they way. A single food holiday gets unnoticed here not one of them. And this is one of our favorites in this morning it tantalizing taste and alike. Just in time for the holiday to ABC's Tina trend now with this morning's insomnia kitchen. And the kids which had that they don't. It's gonna should send me your things and not cut came as the hunt them yeah I have oddity exactly your average fell right Lowry when. May I have been regular granulated sugar every Friday. And I'm pregnant I'm the only way to bring 889. Now we just have mormons in the ten yeah. It. I sat down with the do you get Hamlet with a butter and I coming. Really that. Vietnam things fresh yeah. I can't yeah. Larry we have our cupcakes if any other normal regular college in de at this point but not here at Cleveland and here in the morning here. Yeah I PM last neverland ending Larry. And I felt we can't little bit different here are quite severe. Sadly cannot park saying yeah that finally making a fabulous bird river and haven't been album yeah okay gonna happen apparently and they're not happy that you can't meet in the kitchen yeah and now I'm thinking of vitamin a big question now an attorney. The next snap. I'm. Yeah. I had rain and I'm the parent of bell came as a relief to meet Scottish parent a pass ahead of us back to the so we needed to do beautifully with. Yeah. Carry out the flavor. And then hearing on May thirty of the dark chocolate Pamela long running talk McCain. So my. Here signer. The end and Karen are top. His campaign. It's really season finally. Yeah. Oh yeah. And bringing back. I love it here I love it ingredient yeah yeah. My. Regardless you have to try it this is the eggnog won the words of one of beer if it well we can't honestly you know the role ABC Roby came from. What can change that was the biggest thing I'm going to be doing business work. Or about. It got to grant. What do you love about this owner and the creator of Marleau Scott unemployed in 2007 and transformed her love for cupcakes. To this company as an incredible she worked for many media outlets and now has her own company doesn't I'd I think there's hope for us. OK that's good it's really got it this is an eggnog when we don't we don't have a labels that's over again that is sentenced. When. That's incredible that Centex. We don't want that right Louie a clinic here.

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{"duration":"3:27","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make cupcakes paired with wine and beer for National Cupcake Day. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27602764","title":"National Cupcake Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-cupcake-day-27602764"}