National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

World News Now celebrates over 100 years of the chilled treat.
3:16 | 08/02/16

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Transcript for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
I'm right it is time for them next and we start with a major holiday of food holiday my favorite tonight. And every holiday about food this is national ice cream sandwich today we're calling. As a major holiday. I'm Connor the major holiday. He is yeah I get I get more than. Will we good enough for everybody but none among my favorites are actually those don't know the dollar ones from the vending machine in the office of public and it's just something. Diet. Payments informant that effect on you more money and I can better if you look at the numbers. Hey hey hey is the time yeah yeah. I was told to come but let's not bottom up not only that. You haven't want. Ought to stand right here and it. He can barge on sadly I got there got a sweet mouth yeah from what I hear is yeah. All right fighting for this one next to them for less traditional and now hardline militia that sort of warm red velvet red velvet a suburb fanning. Like all the suspect that's. Forget and. Our weapons. Just now we should talk Somalia that wave and I don't I don't have to. I am happy I have that want him out added March Madness. And it hybrid gets even just a moment but we have we have another story for half a bear a tank yeah go for a vote. This guy and that it has been the bear. It was in his hasn't in the bears chased him up the stairs of his hat as good as well let me let the door open yeah just Walt stay where they apparently this was telling. Ottawa Canada this is not uncommon but do this this actually happens bears into hall I don't know this to somebody else. He runs up the stands there I want now have yet. I mean and it's all caught on camera a lot of mineral apparently about an hour but it. Going back to this whole there are things that we think it bears and it is frightening caddies as I mentioned before. He killed three and repeatedly. That kind of let me away I had no idea given the weird man on Twitter that that call me that there correspondence of anything it's about an upcoming if you've carry back in my day yeah. Could handle it like it Monday but no. We now tell you about a study back Hank. That finds that fifth and you say that finds that men are often their own favorite expert on any given subject Mike this is news that surprised me at all. Apparently they've looked a lot of academic papers and especially male academics. By themselves. To back up ideas site and I felt. My wife calls that lawyering then I do in arguments I really do it because she's smarter than me and I say that but I know for a fact she's not watching. Hey nets the newsman is top box me now.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"World News Now celebrates over 100 years of the chilled treat.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41062059","title":"National Ice Cream Sandwich Day","url":"/WNN/video/national-ice-cream-sandwich-day-41062059"}