National Surf And Turf Day

ABC's Tina Trinh learns the best and easiest way to cook and serve a classic dish.
3:08 | 03/03/15

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Transcript for National Surf And Turf Day
Bart will do this as often. We're fudging it just a bit here this morning of one of our favorite food holidays national surf and turf this action comes once every four years it's on February 29 but. We just couldn't wait until next year so. To check avenue way that's music to this culinary classic yes bring in ABC's Tina trends he has this morning's insomniac kitchen. Hey insomniacs can choose between steak or lobster why not have to. We're here at Lincoln square steak restaurant with general manager Lou with India and pizza and there were gonna make your guys class Victor thinks her train wreck. I think what's. We have the stakes of Mandela and we're gonna drop unlocks your friends. Flow from Virginia. Me. It makes you again. He's added that won't want to live at eleventh and how effective is. You see that face this together like so quickly. I feel like we make it back home now we. Oh yeah it's at this point our state has done rain some would just. Get the laughs are ready and then played everything that it was that would balloon drawn butter. Against a fighter with. But I'm. Wow. So we're not done yet if any state in laughing my. And eight people so let's go all the way and fit fit. Yes. A little about him let him there and just a little bit of the campaign spot when Warren. You see it as you put in a it is up. Why. And that he just blended seamlessly fits together just a few seconds great economic pit at the same moment can't be ready it's the fifth. Known for me. Wolf and glad to get who knew those servicer that's a pitcher and they believe that 1961 was sort of the first reference an Alley time for surf and turf. You're gonna chide the turf rhyme and he does breakfast now. Oh good word yeah. Really that got you gotta give me a metal bats could come and go it is no. Paul Cobb and the with the letter she sat at the butter. What is the surf and turf. Cost I think this is the most feared meal. For any guy who's Taylor woman on a date. This is good or the servicer L com was going to be the most expensive thing Lavinia edit edit that he stuck with. You know what she's saying she's worth and we don't know let me first say nay I demand. And good surf and turf real because I'm a lady a number that you cannot not a pretty different.

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{"id":29356204,"title":"National Surf And Turf Day","duration":"3:08","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh learns the best and easiest way to cook and serve a classic dish.","url":"/WNN/video/national-surf-turf-day-29356204","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}