National Waffle Day 2016

Celebrating the national holiday that started back in 1869 for the world famous breakfast food!
2:52 | 08/24/16

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Transcript for National Waffle Day 2016
It is for them. Turban time do you wish yeah. Now however it better than that that is syrup because today it's a national problem they've they've done. Okay. CNN and dad doesn't care. We have some fun facts for you okay girl lawful snapped a while for the first patent for a waffle iron hunt August 24. 186910. National awful folk and it. End. You can apparently can take Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson brought. You know I am but the food of course emanate all of that. Tom dig in Ellicott and Thomas Jefferson actually brought a waffle iron over coming out rat them out worthy. Waugh I'm just gonna go with this money I don't belong Ruble has had many come home environment is actually. And then it feel awful world of Dahab. That her everybody's turn out of a regular bunch of what are you yeah yeah at. Auditing. So is it is good I have. So there are a lot of they have all over today that you cannot celebrate national Laughlin days that we do encourage you to go out and we'll celebrate. Our residents really hurt Americans I don't know if your wife and I. Britain's domestic Jimmy needs tired pig didn't for the course some fit stepped up. Students who IRAs and his room. It was a really good show we move on let's make him look all of come. It's extravagant. Feast that people. But try to get I don't. Very heavily Republican spiced like a serial it kill off all manner. So there's a lucky woman to we have the video of the photos of this woman who. It was really really lucky. In the penny slots yes one in the said he thought she shiner in his Ottoman you know we do know that she did from Hawaii. This. And let me. Turning way to get to the dirty dozen that that you. But it's not just in the local haven't. Okay so she won a million bucks how zapper look that's amazing. On the penny slots ten million bucks rather I'm not there yet but many slots nearly eleven million the rat in Las Vegas that happened at the mega bucks for the win we'll it's a custom game built. Specifically for the Wynn Las Vegas to. Paul hall La. You are thought to Lionel and Karen had not eating. You know you deserve to be locked in your room and meant stupid. The bug in your room and this is the flood could parents came up with thousands teenager but let me go to our gas itself meet my new.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Celebrating the national holiday that started back in 1869 for the world famous breakfast food!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"41610941","title":"National Waffle Day 2016","url":"/WNN/video/national-waffle-day-2016-41610941"}