NBA's Jason Collins Breaks Pro Sports Barrier

Sports journalist Jason Page discusses Jason Collins' decision to announce that he's gay.
3:58 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NBA's Jason Collins Breaks Pro Sports Barrier
Turning to our top story now the NBA's Jason Collins -- the first man in a Majorly export to admit he's openly gay. While still actively playing his announcement in a Sports Illustrated article has drawn support from a cross section of America including even the White House President Obama reached out to him by phone and the First Lady -- quote so proud of you Jason Collins is a huge step forward for our country we have got your back and all of that prompted Collins -- tweet saying I knew I was choosing. The road less traveled but I'm not -- it alone. We're joined now -- -- to sports guy radio host Jason page Jason thank you for being here absolutely Jason clearly it's a landmark decision but on one hand it's a -- is surprising it took this long what are what is your reaction of some perspective on the. Well I don't know -- -- necessarily surprising that it took so long as much as big guy that decided to break the barrier. You know all of us were kind of predicting need to be a star player. He need to be guy that was still relatively young. But god had some -- to be able to survive the potential backlash. -- -- It's the exact opposite of what you would expect that it's a frequent flier. A guy who might -- seven to ten minutes -- night but I was a free agent I mean that he couldn't have drawn it up differently. But I think a lot of the people I've been talking to behind seasons were predicting this would play out Jason Collins the last guy you would expect an -- one of the things that. For years. Being an open openly gay sportscaster and being in the -- -- community you would hurt different names rumored the one -- you never heard what's chasing Collins. So now -- you know this is a two part question the first one being how do you think it's going to affect his future as a player. And secondly we saw all the support but not everybody has been so supportive -- about -- and very true but he's a fringe player that's the problem so I I know people are gonna arrest if he doesn't get signed by eighteen insect. Well Jason Collins and get signed because he's openly get. I don't think that's fair to. He's a guy at this stage of his career that's a little all the years I know he's in great shape I know he's working out. You know running through the hills California but still he's a guy right now that's gonna have to try and find his spot still there's guys in the league playing up until -- forty years old and New York Knicks have a couple -- Fox I still think Jason Collins. -- -- -- LE SPN basketball analyst and reporter. Chris Broussard made some very interesting comments today it. And if -- openly living in on repentance and whatever it may be not just homosexuality. Adultery. Fornication premarital sex between -- a -- whatever it may be. I believe that's walking -- rebellion. Say god and that. Meanwhile let's talk about -- do you think he's. Out there on a -- with those comments in the NBA players do you think that there's a fair segment of that that actually share his opinions yes I think there's I think there's a fair segment. I don't think it's enough that it's gonna stop anybody from signing Jason counts -- Jason Collins isn't in the league next year to -- Jason Collins isn't viewed as being good enough to plan. That's that I think that's kind of the gist of what I would say right now on a day to day basis -- in the showers the locker room the whole thing. Do you think it's gonna change the way his -- treat him I don't think some it looked I've been in locker rooms. Everybody looks at everybody the fact of the matter is -- think they have to everybody looks at everybody. For the first for that fact then I don't think it's that big -- deal at the end of the day. But but look it's going to be very interesting to see once -- get -- training camps. And all that but he's a fringe player it's not as if the media can run up to him every night and say what's it like being -- first look you can do that for a couple of days. -- to me. This is a story that you know will go through the offseason we'll see who gets picked up by I do think he'll get picked up by somebody and that will see you know a couple of days of questions about it. And then you move on the next question becomes. Who's the next -- That is -- knowing Democrats are all waiting for the answer right Jason page radio host thank you so much for being here with us and be sure to tune -- to Good Morning America later on this morning Jason Collins is gonna sit down for an exclusive interview with George Stephanopoulos.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Sports journalist Jason Page discusses Jason Collins' decision to announce that he's gay.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19071866","title":"NBA's Jason Collins Breaks Pro Sports Barrier ","url":"/WNN/video/nbas-jason-collins-breaks-pro-sports-barrier-19071866"}