Neil Patrick Harris: 'I'm so Glad It's Over'

The Emmy host tweets his exhaustion after the Emmy telecast.
3:21 | 09/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris: 'I'm so Glad It's Over'
-- happened to Daniel Patrick -- -- the Andes this season is enjoying himself right now probably stretching out and relaxing because he tweeted that basically can put up -- week. I didn't -- the Emmys was fun but I'm sure glad it's so we're looking forward to not -- any thing for a long long time. He's a real veteran of postings hosted the -- in 20092011. -- -- rather. He's done this before. A lot of people persuaded that it was -- Not as strong as other performances I mean I saw I just think he's great and I think he did a pretty good job but like -- bush for instance tweeted is it just -- this show really really weird so. Awkward moments but he was he was terrific. So anyway I think yeah that's a lot of work you can imagine that after you're done just -- say. Let's take a break from the stuff plus by the way if -- hours wants it's hard to -- the entire -- Hours and have to be obvious to be amazed at the -- -- if you are amazing -- I think every single skit resonated with every single person now Erika Miller every single student. I didn't matter or matters how he's doing the best -- can live. -- -- -- good idea that there's really safe haven nobody said he wasn't good news is that said that the show itself was kind of -- the software. -- -- OK so we have a little recap for you the Dancing With The Stars airs if you haven't seen it. Here's no spoiler alert we're gonna let you know -- got kicked off so you button. -- -- -- -- Not god god hasn't and is not an example to stud at NFL I think they do so well on the show you need you would think it's -- Well let's listen what he had to say and had we known this he probably would have would pick somebody else let's. Poor guy that's never even Bob was hit in a car I think that this. That the fact that I could have the experience to dance and in learn would dancing is all about and -- teaching me. Is something amazing to me. I could get picked up for the -- -- though last night's elimination our last night to dance was added that net -- 98. He didn't -- can -- but still. I'm not as good as other athletes. Our data show they had big brouhaha with Marvin -- family and Robin take over blurred line. Marvin -- Stanley saying that it sounds a lot like a rip off about Marvin -- -- got to give it up. Well 82 legends one of the most talented men on the planet has weighed in on this TMs -- at the camera to talk Stevie Wonder he offered an off the cuff response to the Marvin gay family basically saying I don't think you should. Take this lawsuit any frivolous and it's. It's a big fan -- my. -- damaging it is. Don't let you all -- -- since losing. There's any act qualified to talk about that it Stevie and -- he's saying like look you know -- it's not enough of -- rip off. And that lawyers gonna get you to spend a lot of money in an out and wins Steve he -- in and -- -- -- big -- adolescence and. OK quickly we have some information about Jon -- -- Don Draper on mad men apparently having throat surgery next week but it's. For a single -- that's -- be removed from his -- -- rep tells ABC news radio this is a routine outpatient procedure. And so he'll be back on the set no big deal but he is going to get this taken care.

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{"id":20353719,"title":"Neil Patrick Harris: 'I'm so Glad It's Over'","duration":"3:21","description":"The Emmy host tweets his exhaustion after the Emmy telecast.","url":"/WNN/video/neil-patrick-harris-im-glad-20353719","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}