Newseum to Open 'Anchorman' Exhibit

Washington D.C.'s Newseum will have an exhibit for the movie "Anchorman."
3:00 | 06/04/13

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Transcript for Newseum to Open 'Anchorman' Exhibit
Anytime a movie that we love in this business anchorman with that will Farrell on -- -- Able anyway there's there's a museum in DC it's dedicated sorts of and news industries -- but museum -- -- in Washington DC and I have some fun. And they have a new exhibit about anchorman the legend of Ron Burgundy story wolf federal assault anticipation of the sequel that's gonna pop items the -- retirement but they announced that that they will have an -- -- exhibit. To be created with that Paramount Pictures it'll open November 14 with -- props. Costumes. From the film including. Turning these jazz blues. -- had a mock. Anchor desk and -- and -- barrels -- -- -- characters comments on this museum -- literally trapped in a glass case in the months. Quite possibly when an investor I mean I -- I had time about what really happens behind the scenes -- it capture it perfectly. Grounded all. She's got check -- on game. How drab -- -- that's certainly an. And it doesn't really want to let him -- 31. Let's not think it -- -- did -- and those are also at last coming on to the real news hard -- news story on the day. You can't stop talking about this story -- and as I brought it up this morning you're like yeah. Atkins he's being sarcastic as international print how worried are finally -- -- -- right -- you can't believe it. I get sick that they are divorced and finally. -- in an -- We cannot move on now we can all this and start breathing again I think that's a good -- that's just about now be a mom and not he would. -- you -- -- -- -- -- to -- homes it's hoped that goes well this time for real. Miley Cyrus. Yeah and -- man what a departure from. The -- about winning. She's releasing a new single and some of the things that she talks about are drugs and quotes like shake it up like -- at the strip club. And introducing -- can't stop and one of the person she sings about doing cocaine that I -- everyone in line and trying to get ally in the bathroom. I didn't misconstrue. That may stay. We're also turned up beer -- getting charged and yet she sings about dancing with. Molly witnesses -- for Ecstasy she looks great. By the way so it's incredible I think it's just aren't for everybody because we ought to remember her as being this -- you like putting more between that -- -- grown. Hope that young team about the fans don't think that this is the next stage of cool and they should be well they -- doing Ecstasy he. Unfortunately. -- -- -- it -- but it's so hard when you're the public -- -- very young -- how do you separate yourself from -- -- -- Which -- and still right and still be an example it's hard -- still blowing up. -- -- achieved. Coming into this isn't the story that I think is incredibly interesting. Michelle Obama. As apparently had gold. At Democratic National Committee event in Washington DC is this a private event there weren't any cameras there this is just -- the -- you know the written press. So gay rights activist standing near the front of the audience started shouting that an executive order on gay rights should be -- -- and she started yelling essentially. The First Lady well. The First Lady collapsed though that -- she said one of the things that I don't do well is this she walked right up to the woman and she said who -- may buoy to listen to me or take -- -- but I. I'm leaving you all the -- you have one choice clearly the audience decided that they wanted to Michelle Obama to continue her speech. And somebody grabbed the violated that law got -- out he had way to handle I'm always stressed the presence of these politicians -- they handle tech -- How does go she said it's near -- --

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{"id":19327648,"title":"Newseum to Open 'Anchorman' Exhibit","duration":"3:00","description":"Washington D.C.'s Newseum will have an exhibit for the movie \"Anchorman.\"","url":"/WNN/video/newseum-open-anchorman-exhibit-19327648","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}