NFL draft fashion

A look at the most memorable outfits from the first round of this year's NFL draft. ABC's Maggie Rulli reports.
4:13 | 04/28/17

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The bull. Yes the boys of fall and we're thinking about them in the spring because date screw up the NFL draft picks up. At 7 PM tonight. That's right they want it done and aside from mall though teach him a son who got picked Burris. What we really want to know is what was everybody wearing Beaulieu let's go to a brilliant if you met here is Linda. After you responded to today anyone know how to the giants look last night urban I think it would have fit him very well can biscuits and restart the and the flight attendant. Execs who could not out of a meeting of the. A lot of them have pretty hit the draft. Today we're all sorts of magic happening on the red carpet at the site just football and inspirational moments most importantly for your talk about fasting has been gotten the best. And most interesting looks from the NFL draft. In the in the 2017. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select. Miles Gary. Snagging the big bucks and the then miles Garrett out of Texas CNN gets. Curtis by the Cleveland Browns. And number eight Christian McCaffrey no stranger to the gridiron this team back it's Super Bowl 33 supporting his dat. And it felt great Ed McCaffrey now the Stanford running back is bringing his fancy footwork to the Carolina Panthers. And no that's not a time lapse and is passionate moment from to Karen McKinley. Remembering a promise he made to his grandmother. No margin slid NFL. In a mere man. That means every all. They enemies. As a young men are watching the scene of their futures pulled out on national television many think it a priority to look good or at least memorable. To winning with their babies and daring with a bold pink it was the show Kaiser's lavender sat escorts say that really set the tone. The new hurting QB sported a posh purple for a cost. Jack's link sponsor this task watch in support of a foundation that provides financial aid to young adults with cancer. LSU safety Jamaal Adams describes his look on the red carpet is quote a balance between blacks in this diet. The new New York Jets safety rocking a white window pane plaid double breasted suit and he shades nearly money and first round pick Shawn Watson flashes his custom lined collection. By ABC very own Michael Strahan. Completing the look with a pair despite Lou the times it's. I yeah. Other the cost of those Spike Lee done pot smoking flippers kind of the man around to who grant. What is. A maybe and it will be granite. Hundreds of people in Bellingham to that is. Students and I know I don't have why don't you have nowhere and that's why it's not wearing mystery hands owned Lorraine. Would seriously. I mean why do they act like they've been there before we. Yeah. I always. Loved to get. This. They later this group. I made me but it was always liked says we're gonna take a throw back now to 1991. Check this picture there was two that this is Brett Favre when he got drafted in 91 he's not old schooler. It. You had back in 91. Anna stepped it up since yeah guess they don't come shorts to custom made it's happening and yeah. Asked what Steve and it spiked smoking we've done we've come a long way out so I'll take this ask what's he's not wearing them by the minute and had a dark. Can I get some peanuts. For the last time this is a look I don't have the. Children don't this. Just resigned that are this way means staying the meat and approximately Nacchio not the brain activity. If your annual united you'd drag me out of here but obviously not. Check in it yeah. And had a thick and thank you very much for joining us general the egg and I think they're doing very.

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{"id":47080302,"title":"NFL draft fashion","duration":"4:13","description":"A look at the most memorable outfits from the first round of this year's NFL draft. ABC's Maggie Rulli reports.","url":"/WNN/video/nfl-draft-fashion-47080302","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}