Nicole Kidman Knocked Down

A paparazzo on a bicycle runs into the actress.
3:59 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for Nicole Kidman Knocked Down
But it is -- -- -- talking about superstar Nicole Kidman at the beginning of the skinny. And here's the deal apparently she was leaving some kind of fashion show the last Thursday she was right outside and days -- -- so freelance paparazzi comes barely towards her in his bicycle. Some say he hit the brakes. Some say that didn't work had he slammed right into -- the pictures from TMZ. She has apparently said she's walking around she was shaking he's -- nineteen years old. He had his own Tumblr page. The and other celebrities that don't like him because he's out -- the running including with Lady -- so he's got a television news history haven't run -- a lot of the history she -- -- you want to press charges police were on the scene almost immediately there's no word on what charges are pressed if any war. -- -- -- -- -- -- He's trying to bring the paparazzi and has now gotten in trouble ever been -- -- -- -- and I think -- -- I have it hurts -- sparkling they'll scare the crap back. He ran into her from behind and -- -- -- that he actually said and -- into like. Got her gather her attention but we can tell is at one point it looks like one -- -- bodyguard grabbed him and hike. Push him out of the way you you had no business being around. This next rings -- and. Fashion we just wrapped up the New York City. Jimmy Kimmel that it again he sent out of crew and that he preyed on everybody who was at fashion week's worst nightmare not knowing what's cool and trendy. So he made up things in the -- and try to catch people not knowing what was going that -- they can act like they do it's pretty funny it was not. This is -- collection. The models -- sent down the -- -- -- It's old fashioned look -- -- If you could say that's dog food. -- Unbelievable rather than you're out of the loop a lot of these attendees -- -- we pretended to know about fake designer a lot of one of the big designers was Georgia stands -- met -- -- belt. -- what do you familiar with George stands a collection of all why yes what are the coach was. Yeah. I just learned about him I'm not so familiar -- about exactly which direction he's going into selling guys should -- -- does it again. It's called fashion and the get out of the get this is there have been ahead -- OK I just be officially changed your last name June Timberlake -- they got married -- -- -- Got married eleven months of knowledge that last year that she would take his last name now she's made official -- she is especially. Jessica Timberlake she didn't keep the -- -- -- -- like -- -- -- -- -- -- It's now I'm hoping that I don't -- to be you know like -- Hazen here but. The last celebrity and I remember changing the last name. It's now. Project Runway married to seal could help me I had them -- Clinton changed glass and -- blessing -- within months they were divorced so. Oh. It's -- last night. I don't remember how you -- along. Yeah I. Partly I don't know I don't know how they -- entire value -- Robinson -- and about that would still real last name is Charlie Sheen getting as high school diploma I don't know -- Apparently yes. He's getting as high school diploma the anger management -- one and a half credits shy of graduating when -- a teenager and he received as well diploma on Wednesday's the Tonight Show. -- Jay -- -- -- Really got like that it happened again on and -- presented to him from I believe. Apparently the only showed up for class 33%. In the -- thought the whole time. So now he has his -- -- doubt Columbia heights -- money part is going to be back.

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{"id":20245463,"title":"Nicole Kidman Knocked Down","duration":"3:59","description":"A paparazzo on a bicycle runs into the actress.","url":"/WNN/video/nicole-kidman-knocked-20245463","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}