North American International Toy Fair preview

Toy Insider's Laurie Schacht swings by with some neat new toys hitting the shelves this year.
4:24 | 02/15/19

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Transcript for North American International Toy Fair preview
The thousands of toy industry professionals are gathered right here in New York City for this weekend a 116. And north American international toy fair joining us this morning with a little sneak peek of some of this year's hottest new toys. Toy insider's chief toy officer Laurie Shaq floor is good morning lots of toys you grow and lots of toys sell undid javits room arts thousands and thousands of gateways summit averaged just starting to roll out some you won't see -- the holidays I can recite border few here for you and you know we're gonna start with one of my favorites from the tech this is Alan mixed and matched us Taurus. So we turn it. I kind he isn't dinosaur around her black and what we have is we guess its use what he's going to be a south. I made him a monster. And I can company and he Neal since all the kids learning their feelings and in the final eight. I can make him dance. Ha ha ha all let's see if he wants to buggy a little. Yeah. Pat pat pat pat pat pat but I got that in have met in hiding and I love. Did he get about their feeling that exceeds even the bad feelings on it let him make him a monster or robots are they have about 27 different choices everything stories nicely in the dying now and it's really pull this won't be out until the fall of credit everyone's gonna love this. Now oral look at social media rape it's IR AY one introduce you to snap start we have six girls and this is what they're all about. They are social influencers. Each once got its own great personality. And they are really beautiful city come lots of accessories but you can also take their clothes on their parent everything's into changeable. And in the front we'll see that there's a green screen so can download the app. They take pictures taking put on different hair. Make up to share with their friends and family and of course shared on social and each of the girls channels and they each come with one lakes friend. And they didn't. Fit record. Irate cell. Lynn last year was the big reveal and it's not changing this year helping so this really exciting this is coming in summer and this is called bullet whom. So what I going to do is I'm going to. Just put some water in our wondering Patton let's see what happens. That nearly gal laps for it and do we need a little more apparent. Can rise. Okay at some backup here is there remember these are not happy and heroin prototypes. But there is definitely something growing and what the kids are starting to seat. Is the doll that's going I don't know side wow so there's all whole bunch and then there's about 22 in this first collection she's going to still keep coming out of the kid didn't elect an and there are so cool and they have different hair styles and once the doll is. Is gross you have this scene that it is. This opens up and it all kinda surprised things inside little boys played with got some truck so smash your crashes they're gonna stick with his big reveal theme. And you and I are going to take our checks and just trashed ahead sprinting. Yeah our right you're. Probably not so what happens is I'm fat. All look rates come out that Bill Clinton that again you don't know what you're getting big reveal theories one there's twelve tracks in this one what Robin allowed her baby shark he assets look I'll. Everyone and Bob didn't baby shark it feet and didn't think he added now we see all these news things coming. So this. Is our final paying Arnold and came babies show actually balloons are cracked okay. Yes let's check back my Papa. And that I and you how concerned. Carrying a cell. Yeah here asking that summer is going to be awesome because when it comes to avert deporting you gotta be able to blow up forty balloons show us how worried me. I am PM. These and other hot new toys check out Laurie when I mean why can't lettered on the continent on our web site W hit fans not.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Toy Insider's Laurie Schacht swings by with some neat new toys hitting the shelves this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"61098933","title":"North American International Toy Fair preview","url":"/WNN/video/north-american-international-toy-fair-preview-61098933"}