North Korea Moves Missile to Coast

U.S. officials suspect that North Korea may be preparing for a test of its medium-range missile.
2:10 | 04/05/13

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Transcript for North Korea Moves Missile to Coast
You're watching America this morning America's number 1 the early morning news. And Good Friday morning North Korea appears to be taking a break from its war talk with no major threats overnight the US is also trying to cool things down while remaining prepared for any possibilities and that's not keeping up north from moving some firepower -- -- place. ABC seven flyers and Washington with the very latest step it. Good morning -- and John while North Korea's mobile missile can be fired on short notice it's keeping the region on edge even as the US is urging call. After days of escalating threats the US is trying to turn the temperature down. I think we need to be careful. And try to give Kim Jong-un and senate. To walk back from this break even as we also show firmness and our response. North Korea -- this morning shows no signs of backing down moving a mobile missile launcher to its East Coast. A sign of a planned test fire or a preemptive strike. The missile could hit Japan as well as US bases in Okinawa in Guam for tens of thousands of Americans live. One thing we can probably conclude about North Korean leaders the military and now the new head the state Kim -- on they probably are not crazy. There certainly brutal. They're certainly heartless. The north's young leader said yesterday the moment of explosion is coming the US officials do believe Kim Jung moon won't pull the trigger on an attack. Did the north Koreans have never tested their new missile and have a spotty record of successful launches still the US and Japan say they have their missile interceptors on the ready John. Devin -- live for us in Washington this morning thank you.

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{"id":18886622,"title":"North Korea Moves Missile to Coast","duration":"2:10","description":"U.S. officials suspect that North Korea may be preparing for a test of its medium-range missile.","url":"/WNN/video/north-korea-moves-missile-coast-18886622","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}