North Korea Rocket Could Reach Hawaii

North Korean leaders say they will soon test a nuclear weapon and long range rocket.
2:38 | 01/25/13

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Transcript for North Korea Rocket Could Reach Hawaii
You're watching America this morning America's number 1 the early morning news. North Korea has drawl a bullseye on America its leaders have issued a direct threat that they will soon test a nuclear weapon. And the -- range rocket aimed at the US. So there are signs that a nuclear test is in the works and we know -- missiles can now reach Hawaii. But it doesn't appear they can combine them yet. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says the US is ready -- to meet any provocation. So -- all this going over in that region ABC's Gloria Riviera has just arrived in Seoul and Gloria how concerned. For second are the leaders in South Korea. -- here in South Korea they're not panic yet but there is serious concern yesterday -- -- the US. Gain North Korea directed it wrapped in this direction North Korea warned it would be -- strong physical countermeasures. Again South Korea if it take direct part in the tougher US backed sanctions recently passed that the UN. And analysts say American intelligence international agency intelligence. All conclude that the North Korean nuclear and missile capabilities are getting more sophisticated. Slowly but surely. And that -- a concern to South Korea and -- the rest of the world. Well Gloria what does all this tell us about the north's new leader Kim -- room. -- you know what the new leader there's -- a bit of hope things will be different of course. -- bother -- Jong-Il. -- caught up any cycle Brett. And didn't have sent -- about being nuclearization and then walking away from the papal it looked and it came down through the new leader. Is following in his father's footsteps unfortunately. North Korea appears to have turned -- economy starting at six party talks. The one country with an influential card to play here is China and North Korea's -- -- It's a big provider of the date for North Korea and China supported the UN resolution. -- urging restraint calling for North Korea can get back to the negotiating table and saying it will reduce its assistance if North Korea carried out another test. That is not what -- -- -- want to hear but it's new and many are hoping it doesn't fall on deaf ears. From provocative action certainly with the eyes of the world now again on that country ABC's Gloria Riviera live for us. In Seoul South Korea thanks --

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{"id":18311243,"title":"North Korea Rocket Could Reach Hawaii","duration":"2:38","description":"North Korean leaders say they will soon test a nuclear weapon and long range rocket.","url":"/WNN/video/north-korea-rocket-reach-hawaii-18311243","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}