Olympic Curlers' Style

Norwegian men's curling team heads to Sochi in style.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for Olympic Curlers' Style
Ten out of the mix -- we do the show on the upper west side of New York City you live on the upper west side in New York City well. The new thing is opening up -- they have -- -- -- might be interested in Macias comes courtesy of the business insider dot com. Apparently local residents won't have a cure for -- hangovers how he passed away her to -- I envy apparently in his. I -- -- careful urgent care center which is an open up on Broadway between hundreds second 103 okay don't treat everything medical related but one of the services they can offer. Is IDs for anyone who feels dehydrated under the weather or just plain hung over I think -- They were also in the you have to weigh us down a bottle of Coca-Cola in the morning goodness and even then you hear the action you have doesn't do the trick that you -- -- bagel and -- -- And you get back on UV I love I'm the only upper west side. Amanda -- utilizing that -- -- okay so it Olympics coming up near what it -- Must see things we're hearing is going to be Norway's men's curling team coming up these how can you don't know what curling as a safe Nvidia can get right DA. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm not as. It can call you curlers -- you can settling -- -- -- OK so this is what they do so not only are they going to be doing this. Very unique sort of sport but they are going to be rock and Selma. Fifty in -- outfits yeah and that's how -- look bad seventies thanks to warmer -- with an Israeli sixers on the night commemorating. And it is raising more so but that isn't that's what they're competing -- themselves -- I don't know yeah. -- leisure suits from the Athens also criticized the so they got a sport that's a little while. Interest -- and they got out but that are a little interest yes should be -- check them out. This is -- we've seen a lot of pictures of birds making off with cameras and giving us a little show -- they. They still so yeah they'll look and that this is great a little bit of a twist on day. What sort of biologists and in. Put camera down in the shape of an egg inside a penguin colony isn't bad boy predator going in there thinking he's gonna make off one of their example meal. He picks it up. And he goes off flight and it's the first time we ever seen aerials for from a bird over penguin colony check this out going off. It's clear that fed is flat -- I'm taking things like that's achieving value. And he -- and let. And one. Look at that wears nothing jobs. You put me on spot -- guess I self -- status and really it doesn't say much teaching here. No -- -- but that is really cool really cool right OK senator Lott and other cool video we've all seen the water skiing score on how about the boarding pact also check this out in Australia just kind of -- -- the streets there. -- -- Cool as cucumber cool cat.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Norwegian men's curling team heads to Sochi in style.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"21619345","title":"Olympic Curlers' Style","url":"/WNN/video/norwegian-olympic-curlers-funky-uniforms-21619345"}