NY Comic Con 2013: Super Fans and Superheroes

ABC News' Peter Martinez attended the four-day event and met some enthusiastic superhero fans.
3:00 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY Comic Con 2013: Super Fans and Superheroes
-- biggest pop culture celebration on the East Coast to more than a 120. Five foul reason people in the Big Apple this -- comic con. New York was Acela purse that was that if you were able to make it here or to one another problem -- events around the country digital producer -- -- Martinez has put together little taste of what was inside. I'm me and analyzing well it is now okay. World -- now -- here at comic con funny thirteen. Downstairs -- -- take a look at some super heroes and super fans from all across the country who have come to this multi day event Phyllis go on and take a look. You think he'll go and I'm not WPBF -- Look like where with the perfect person that cannot win -- economic time this Ryder -- news. -- -- that man nicknamed love when you considered to be your favorite superhero. -- -- -- I'm here at the marble station Barack comic con. I believe this is an eight a field I'm not certain why. Level six -- -- the clearance level I need. I think it's a little yeah he's here to protect -- -- life. Contest Lola that he thinks that perfect agent that feel -- make this. I actually did receive about selling him being created so that's an idea and -- -- accident at about seven months off and on you don't have to hear in my field all the time. So I can actually -- again. Without a camera -- -- -- that -- having the -- then got it started with Hydro. And the rate hike. Those guys love Laura loved -- you -- -- and haven't seen the last of -- Insert the movie versions take -- the heat from the electronics and I'm here because I love marvelous. We actually just. -- this the first time. Lost his this year people like school altogether all of fifteen -- and I'm going to make you feel like you're part of my family. Currently there is absolutely yes here. Boggles the mind. You can find comics from gay disease and the people who -- -- comic con here in New York. Going through the boxes finding those little nuggets that they might not find any well. That Vincent Brothers Matt all plan that I am now -- isn't really a TV show. Learn -- -- much less -- I'm only halfway through the on the merit our. It went into the cellular towers it's still need -- -- -- even fictional fun nonsense. All this and hurting out here iconic kagame a little tired I got my light reading I -- eight get in line here for massage and I'm -- -- you guys in the studio. -- -- Way to go Peter that you would -- -- just things. Here however is the only other children hurt and can't -- your -- -- I and. Need to think about -- rather watch it on TV didn't live let live look moment.

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{"id":20584148,"title":"NY Comic Con 2013: Super Fans and Superheroes","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Peter Martinez attended the four-day event and met some enthusiastic superhero fans.","url":"/WNN/video/ny-comic-con-2013-super-fans-superheroes-20584148","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}